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Flash of Genius Movie - Trailers & Videos, Photo Gallery, Story & Plot

The Flash of Genius movie, based on the true story of Professor Robert Kearns, Own it February 17th on DVD and On Demand. This is the inspiring story of an ordinary man, who worked diligently to create something revolutionary, only to have it stolen from him by a large corporation. This man did not step aside and just let this happen, though, he fought for what was right—he fought to have the truth told.

Until the movie opens in theaters, feel free to browse this website. Read the Flash of Genius story to get a better idea of the background on Bob Kearns and his captivating tale. Watch the Flash of Genius trailer to get a sense of what you can expect from the amazing acting efforts by Greg Kinnear as Robert Kearns, Lauren Graham as his wife Phyllis, Dermot Mulroney as his friend Gil Privick, and veteran actor Alan Alda as his attorney Gregory Lawson. Check out some of the Flash of Genius movie photos that can visually fill sections of the story the trailer leaves out.

The Flash of Genius movie is sure to inspire even the most jaded of souls. Everyone can learn by the example Bob Kearns set, to stand up for what is right and just, no matter the cost. Own it February 17th on DVD and On Demand.

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