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Flash of Genius Movie Photo Gallery

Flash of Genius Movie Pictures, Pics & Photos

Check out these Flash of Genius movie photos to supplement the Flash of Genius story as you get ready to see this inspiring new film in theaters on October 3rd.

The first of the Flash of Genius photos shows Professor Robert Kearns (Greg Kinnear) at his classroom blackboard teaching a class. Next we see Kearns tinkering on his invention—the genius hard at work. In the next of the Flash of Genius movie photos, we see a pensive Kearns getting a reassuring and supportive look from his wife Phyllis (Lauren Graham). Later you see the entire Kearns family—mom and dad with their six kids—looking on with wonder and pride at Bob’s sure-to-win invention. Next you see Bob and the kids driving in the rain, perhaps taking Bob’s new intermittent windshield wiper for a test drive. Another of the Flash of Genius photos shows Bob and Phyllis all dressed up, while another shows the Kearns clan at the family dinner table, toasting their new-found success.

Next you see Bob with his close friend Gil Privick (Dermot Mulroney) in a very serious meeting and another of the two men walking outside a large building, perhaps the Ford Motors headquarters. Several of the Flash of Genius movie photos show Bob and Gil meeting with men in lab coats as he prepares to demonstrate his invention. You also see several images from the Ford auto show where Bob’s stolen intermittent windshield wiper was introduced to the world as Ford’s own invention. Later, you see Bob’s lawyer Gregory Lawson (Alan Alda) as he ponders whether to take Bob’s case against Ford. Further along, you see Flash of Genius photos depicting Bob Kearns presenting his case against Ford in the court room.

Until you can see the Flash of Genius movie in theaters on October 3rd, enjoy browsing these Flash of Genius movie photos. You can also watch the Flash of Genius trailer and share it film with family, friends, and coworkers.

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