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Flash of Genius Movie Trailer, Videos & Video Clips

The Flash of Genius trailer begins by letting us know the story takes place in 1967, with every major car company racing to invent an intermittent windshield wiper. Next you see college professor Robert Kearns deconstructing his wife’s blender in the basement, also trying to invent this part. As the Flash of Genius video clips continue, you see Kearns celebrating with his family as he achieves his goal.

Further in the Flash of Genius trailer, you see Robert receiving an offer from Ford for his genius invention. You see him cautiously meeting with car company executives, demonstrating his new wiper mechanism. The Flash of Genius plot takes an earth shattering turn when Kearns finds out Ford has opted out of buying his wiper, but not before copying it for their own gain. As the Flash of Genius video clips continue, you see a crushed Kearns at a Ford car show watching his invention being revealed and being escorted out as he tries to tell everyone the intermittent wiper is his invention.

Later in the Flash of Genius trailer, you see advisors and lawyers trying to discourage Kearns from suing the Ford Motor Company over the stolen invention, but he is determined to right this wrong. After no one agrees to take his case, Kearns educates himself on the laws and then represents himself in his court case against Ford. In Flash of Genius video clips, you see the turmoil the case is causing in the Kearns family, but then, Ford offers a settlement without admitting that the invention was Kearns’.

What will happen? Will Kearns take the settlement, or will he continue to fight for what’s right? See how the teasers in the Flash of Genius trailer play out in theaters on October 3rd. Until then, read the full Flash of Genius story synopsis and check out the Flash of Genius movie photos.

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