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10 Techie Accessories for the Fitness Junkies

A Techie Intro

From wearable smart techie wands to alleviate pain to medical equipment to tracking vitals, these following fitness accessories work with your smartphones to keep you healthy, fit, and inspire you to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Some of these devices even help people treat chronic diseases, while other accessories on this list are specially designed for medical professionals, and are certainly a great help for everyone’s health and well-being. 

1. Nima: Smart Techie Portable Gluten Tester

The first portable gluten detecting device created and designed by 6SensorLabs from San Francisco is called Nima.

This wallet-sized device can be a godsend among those battling gluten allergies or celiac disease, along with many one-time use trial samples and a patented app that lets you monitor and share information with several other participants.

2. Activity Pop: Techie Fitness Tracking Watch

Activity Pop is a hybrid fitness tracking watch developed by a company called Withings. It’s a step counter, sleep monitor, calorie counter, and heart-rate monitor all in one stylish and elegant looking watch.

It’s also one of the most affordable watches in the smartwatch market and is one of the most popular ones like the Omega watches.

This watch is made of aluminum-coated metal with a silicone strap and has a sleek, classic look. Once linked via Bluetooth to the iPhone, the Pop transfers all details about the activities to the corresponding Health Mate iOS software.

This is fuelled by a regular cell battery CR2025, which lasts around nine months and offers a variety of pleasant colors.

3. BioScarf: Air Filtration Device

BioScarf is very much a safe and warm fashion accessory and also a trendy alternative to having air pollution surgical masks as it is a ventilation system that reduces the chances of cardiovascular and lung health-related issues.

Kudos to its unique built-in N95 exhaust system, which filters greater than 96 percent of pollutants out of the environment, the innovative neckwear provides security against toxins, allergens, and bacterial infections.

4. Nokia BPM+: Techie Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The Nokia BPM+ provides a stylish and convenient way to monitor your blood pressure on the go.

The lightweight fitness gadget blends sleek, modern design with groundbreaking technology and is relatively easy to use. It also easily syncs with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The Nokia BPM+ also has an app called Health Mate that gives you medical help and feedback by using color-coded indicators.

That way, it’s easier to keep track of your blood pressure levels. 

5. SteriPen Water Purifier

This portable water purifier can prove to be a useful travel accessory for those who love to go on adventures. SteriPen Ultra utilizes UV light to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria that may be contaminating your drinking water. 

Designed with a rechargeable battery that is lithium-ion made, the prize-winning unit is able to handle around 70L per charge. It has a smiley face indicator that blinks and tells you that your water is now safe to drink.

However, if the frown face blinks, you can repeat the filtering process until it becomes safe. 
Tech Care
Tech care

6. HapiFork: Eating Pattern Monitor

HAPIfork is driven by Slow Control and helps you stay healthy by tracking your eating habits. The electronic fork tracks hand motion using an integrated accelerometer.

It, therefore, tracks the time between the bites and, if you eat too much, this begins to vibrate, and its revolving light goes red.

7. TechCare Pain Relief Device

The Techie Care Massager is a combination of a Powered Muscle Stimulator (PMS) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), which emits low-voltage vibrations to the skin to stimulate nerves and blocks the pain signals to your brain.

This techie device can treat muscle pain, such as Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis.

8. Shewee: Female Urinating Device

Dirty and unsanitary public comfort rooms can pose serious health risks, especially for women. Shewee is a device that lets women urinate even standing or sitting without having to remove your clothes.

This is perfect for ladies who love to travel and are exposed to different bathrooms often.

9. Muse: Brain Monitor Headband

Muse tracks your neural activity while meditation and sends data through Bluetooth to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This device has seven electroencephalographic (EEG) sensors to monitor your brain.

The revolutionary app, aimed at helping you handle and relieve stress, provides real-time updates on what’s going on in your brain and shows you what to do to maintain peace and tranquility.

It also provides a series of unique constructive challenges to inspire you to become a part of your regimen of meditation.

10. AtmoTube Air Pollution Monitor

Going to travel with allergies or asthma? The small size and Techie USB compatibility make Atmotube simple to operate whenever, wherever.

The stylish tool warns you in real-time as to the presence of toxic gases (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) thanks to its precise sensors and free mobile app, while also monitoring air humidity and temperature in the atmosphere surrounding you.

Techie Atmotube


Which of these health devices and accessories did you find interesting?

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that all of these health trackers and smart devices are revolutionary and are definitely useful tools for a healthier lifestyle. 

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