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The application load error 5:0000065434 is an error that comes up after starting up the steam application which prevents the users from playing the game they wish to. The error comes up in different steam games and it included the Elder scrolls oblivion, the elder scrolls Morrowind, and the fall out series.

The error comes up and has several causes behind it the main cause being if the user likes to mod the steam games manually or using the mod manager by Ned. When the games are being played the user sometimes thinks that the error is merely a coincidence and some troubleshooting solutions can help to solve the application load error 65434 for the major part of the application.

What are the causes of application load error oblivion?

There are a lot of reasons behind the coming up of the error and one of the causes can be the problem during the installation of the game and it not being in the same installation folder. This can cause the error to be solved by linking it with the command prompt commands. This problem can also be caused because of some troubling game files which are installed along with the game.

To solve this, the user needs to re-download the file or the cache which is to be reset. Many different solutions are needed to resolve the steam error 5:0000065434 which are-

application load error oblivion
application load error oblivion

Solution 1- The game’s folder documents should be deleted

This is one of the easiest solutions and many users try this out. It is one of the first displays of error and that is why people tend to try this solution. Deleting the documents in the game folder is very important as it refreshes the entire game and the player can start afresh.

One needs to be very careful while using the several documents of the game and place the files carefully. Some of the very important files are to be saved and the game-in process has to be put on hold while sorting the documents out.

A backup of all these files should be created and they should either be placed right in the folder or in a subfolder that is self-explanatory. Whatever game the user is struggling with they should ensure that the Google search is thoroughly conducted before the files are saved in the folder. To solve the error the user has to-

1. Open the PC and ensure that the device is updated for a newer windows version. Open the computer operating system from wherever it is installed.

2. Windows explorer should be opened next and then the library should be opened. The taskbar has many different options and the user has to click on Mu documents in the navigation pane which is located on the left of the windows.

3. Search for the game folder and there might be a subfolder inside documents named My games.

4. Right-click on the required folder and choose the delete option from the menu. It will appear and then confirm the choice which will delete and reopen the updated folder. Check if the error is resolved or it still appears.

Solutions 2- Place the application in the executable game’s folder

The error is also sometimes referred to as the fallout new vegas application load error 5:0000065434  which can be resolved by using this method. This method is helpful for the steam users who install the game on a different drive. This solution is one of the simplest troubleshooting solutions to get done with the error. To get done with this solution-

Verify the files and their integrity
Verify the files and their integrity

1. Navigate to the root application folder and if no changes were made during the installation process then the location of the folder would be in the program files in the local disk.

2. If there is a shortcut on the desktop then the user has to right-click on the option and choose the file location from the menu.

3. The executable file should be selected on the folder and then copied. Locate the location of the library folder and search for the game folder and then make sure that the stream apps are opened.

4. Right-click on the window and choose the paste option from the executable file menu. Try running the game from the start and check if the error persists.

If the user is using the mod manager by nexus then they should also place the executable file in the folder located in the program files on the local disk drive and change the location if it wasn’t done during the installation process.

Solution 3- Use better and more helpful commands

This new vegas application load error can also be solved by this advanced solution of the previously mentioned solution. The client usually thinks that the game is installed where it should be and it is worth taking a shot. There are two different locations of the folder and the root folder is the same navigated folder that can be chosen by the default path.

Secondly, the user needs to find out the location in the library folder to find the game that is creating the problem. Most of the users who experience the problem are unable to find the default path to the problematic folder. These locations can be referred to as steam folder and to complete the solution process the user has to-

 Use better and more helpful commands
Use better and more helpful commands

1. Search for the command prompt by typing it in the start menu and then press the search button. Right-click on the first option which comes up on the top and runs the application as an administrator.

2. The user can also use the windows+ R key to start the run dialog box. Type cmd in the opened dialog box and then use the Ctrl+Shift+ Enter combination to run the prompt command.

3. Type the required set of commands and confirmed hen one by one. Wait for the entire option to complete successfully and then check if any mistakes are made.

If the quotation marks in the command are not put then the operation would not get completed.

4. reopen the game and check if the error is resolved.

Solution 4- Verify the files and their integrity

This is yet another method to resolve the oblivion application load error which has been reported to solve more than half of the steam game errors. This method helps in downloading the corrupted files from the folder and it has worked in fixing the problems.

1. Open the application and search in the start menu if it was isn’t available on the desktop.

2. Navigate on the library tab at the menu located at the top of the window. Fix any issues in the list of games that are linked to the account.

3. Right-click on the game and choose the properties option which comes in the context menu. Open the local files which come to verify the integrity of the game files.

4. Wait for the process to get completed and relaunch the game to check if the problem persists.

Solution 5- Use the application as an administrator

If the steam application is not working and is acting against than it is intended to do then the problem can be fixed by closing the application and reopened if worked. Some of the people also suggest the use of the application as an administrator and this is a combined method to fix the problems.

1. Wait for some time before the application is located and opened with the help of file explorer. One can also look for it in the search menu.

2. Right-click on the executable file which can be run as an administrator.

3. The problem can also be fixed if the issue persists and then it can be tried again. Choose the properties again and then open the compatibility tab. Run the program as an administrator again and then it can be sued in the section.

application in the executable game’s folder
application in the executable game’s folder

Solution 6- For the 4GB users

The Morrowind application load error 5:0000065434 is used by the people who utilize more than 2GB RAM at the maximum. If the game does not run properly then the load error can be worked on by-

1. Locate the executable files which can be downloaded by clicking on the shortcut and choose the properties of the game or application.

2. Find the target box of the application and then in the shortcut tab use the quotation marks which stand for the actual App ID.

3. Reopen the game again and check if the error still appears when the user is trying to run the game.


All the above-mentioned solutions are some of the most preferred solutions used by the users who witness the application load error 5:0000065434 in the steam application. All of these troubleshooting solutions are the easiest and can be used even for the new users of the application.


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