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Call Forwarding iPhone: Ultimate Tips

Thought of missing your important calls in weak network area freaks you out?

If yes, well, fortunately, our tech experts have predicted the situation well in advance and hence provided us the best call forwarding option.

In the context of the call forwarding option, it’s easy to navigate in android, but if you are a fan of the iPhone, you wouldn’t miss the ways of using the option of Call forwarding iPhone.

Having said that, let us share the important details!

When you move to an area with a poor cellular network then the best way to receive incoming calls is call forwarding. Even call forwarding iPhone settings will help you when you won’t be using your phone for a while.

Doesn’t it sound so convenient!

With that, there are two types of settings: unconditional and conditional call forwarding iPhone settings. Where in both cases you forward calls to another number that would ordinarily ring on your iPhone.

Wondering, what is it all about?

Let’s find out all about what is called forwarding iPhone meaning, settings, and possible ways to use it.

So, Let’s Get Started!

Ways To Forward Calls On Iphone?

 Ways To forwarding Calls On iPhone

So, to answer the most important question, how to forward calls on iPhone, here we are ready with all the details you need!

Knowing the right steps makes it fairly easy and even easy to restore to normal. We will be listing both here in all possible ways.

However, choosing a call forwarding technique depends on various specific processes and the kind of cell phone carrier you have.

We hope you now have a clear idea about call forwarding iPhone meaning.

Now, have a look at its types!

Type Of Call Forwarding In Iphone-

Well, depending upon conditions your iPhone can have two call forwarding ways. And each one of them has its own use.  So, Let’s figure out what’s these techniques one-by-one, starting with-

Call Forwarding Unconditional (Cfu)-

This is the most common and best way to immediately forward all incoming calls to your desired phone number. This technique won’t allow your iPhone to ring.

Here’s how to do this-

Call Forwarding Unconditional (Cfu)-
  • First, move to your home screen and select Settings.
  • From Settings look for the Phone option, then tap it.
  • It will open a number of Phone settings, choose Call Forwarding.
  • To enable call forwarding, tap the white slider to turn it green.
  • Now, select the Forward to option and enter the desired number

Note- Your calls will be forwarded to this number and you even use your number to receive a voicemail from the caller.

This is how to forward calls on the iPhone unconditionally. But, wait! We have a conditional way too. All that does conditional call forward mean it right here-

Call Forwarding Conditional (Cfc)   

When you have a condition to forward a call then this forwarding method comes into play. It automatically transfers calls to another phone number as per the condition set.

It’s a carrier-supported feature and unlike the regular Apple Call Forwarding method where all incoming calls get diverted to the desired number, conditional call forwarding uses Call Forwarding Codes which vary depending on the condition.

Here’s what code you need for different conditions:

●       Forward Calls When iPhone is Left Unanswered- Dial *61*Your Number#

●       Forward Calls When iPhone is Unreachable- Dial *62*Your Phone Number#

●       Forward Calls When iPhone is Busy- Dial *67*Your Phone Number#

A confirmation notes “Call forward conditional enabled” pops after successful validation.

These codes are valid for call forwarding on iPhone6 and above series. It may work in previous editions too.

Call Forwarding Conditional (Cfc)    

Hopefully, we have covered almost everything related; How Do I Forward Calls From MyIphoneand the things I need to take care of while forwarding.

Now, have a look at some common questions that usually iPhone users have when they here Call Forwarding-

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I activate call forwarding on my iPhone?

It’s easy to forward call on iPhone, just follow the steps listed below-

  • Move to your Home screen first.
  • Then, select Settings.
  • In Settings, look for the Phone option, tap it.
  • Now, a new page will appear, scroll down and look for the Call Forwarding option.
  • To enable Call Forwarding, tap the white slider to turn it green.
  • In the Forward To section, enter the desired number to forward calls.

Done! Your calls will now be forwarded to your given number.

Can I forward iPhone calls to another number?

Yes, you can forward your iPhone calls to another number, this is called unconditional call forwarding where the entire call forwarding has to be done manually. We already have discussed this above in our read.

Why can’t I call forward on my iPhone?

Sometimes call forwarding the iPhone is not working, this may be due to some interruption in the adjustments. To fix this-

Step 1: Open your iPhone Settings and select “Phone”.

Step 2: In the Phone menu, scroll down to “Call Forwarding” and then turn it off.

Step 3: After a few seconds enable the Call Forwarding again.

This will fix your call forwarding issue.

How does iPhone call forwarding work?

With Call Forwarding, you can forward your mobile calls to another phone number, including another mobile phone or a landline phone, like your home or office number.

When Call Forwarding is turned on, your mobile phone won’t ring when you receive a call.

How to forward calls on the iPhone when the line is busy?

 It may look tough to do, but actually, it’s quite simple. For iPhone call forwarding when busy line, just go follow this step-

Open your keypad and then enter *67* followed with the phone number you’re forwarding to and at last press #.

Now, press the Dial button and wait for a few seconds to get confirmation.

How does AT&T call forwarding iPhone works?

To activate your AT&T call forwarding iPhone settings just dial *21* + <10-Digit Number to Forward Calls to> + #. Wait for the confirmation note after dialing.

Final Words

Forwarding your calls to a different number turns is probably the best way when you are in a poor network connection or won’t be using your phone for a while.

Hope everything we listed above helped you know what Call Forwarding iPhone settings mean and what possible issues that may occur.

Hope the shared information is helpful for you!

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