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The phone call from 0000000000

Has ever a phone call from a unique number like 0000000000 freaked you out? OR a missed call from 0000000000 rolled your eyes thinking, what a number is it?

 And guess what, a call back option can make you think even deeper because the call gets disconnected.

Strange, isn’t it!

Furthermore, if you check the call log , no number will  display.

This strange feeling gradually takes the shape of fear and mystery when it gets repeated.

Also, the obvious question that pops out in such a situation would be ‘Why would someone play such a prank with me?. Does the number even exist in real life?

And here the next level of enquiry begins, when you check with others that if your friends and any family have ever received   a phone number with all zeros on caller id.

Indeed, this puzzle even gets darker with random reactions and strange reasons of others

Having said that, it is important to dig the details!

So, let’s get started with some interesting insights for clarity to handle the situation without fear.

 Can a phone number end in 000000000

 When your phone rings and you see the number flashing is 0000000000. The very first question which pops in your mind would be certainly be the existence of the number

The phone call from 0000000000

So let’s check first, Can a phone number end in 0000000000 ?

The answer to this is that the number is not at all real. This is not supported anywhere in the world. Obtaining this number is just a way to hide one’s caller ID.

The phone number can be easily obtained through the internet via some websites and apps. This process is called Spoofing.

In the process of Caller ID spoofing, the caller is specifically falsifying the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity.

Anyone can poof their numbers makes it look like an official IRS is calling.

official IRS! well, so the next instinct must be  Who is calling from phone number 0000000000

 Many people across the world have experienced the similar situation of getting multiple incoming calls from number 0000000000 and have different opinions on the same.

The question which strikes is who is calling from the anonymous number 0000000000. What is the purpose of the caller.

Let’s find out further the mystery of phone number 00000000.

  • Spam

A friend of mine shared an unusual experience. Few days back he got a call  from the phone no 0000000000 . Out of curiosity he picked up the call.

The person on the other side said that he has won a lottery of $10000.

He got curious and asked about how he can win when he hasn’t contested in any contest. To which he got a reply that he has been a regular tax payer and does not have any criminal record so he has been selected for the prize.

But unfortunately the call got disconnected as his battery died off. Since the day, he has been waiting for the call.

So, dear friends whenever you receive such calls don’t get into the trap. It is a Scam.

Scammers are posing as different groups and agencies, and try their best with all their logical explanations to obtain personal information from you and leave your bank account empty.

 Scammers cannot use the same number for a long period of time. So the easiest way is that  they get Voice Over IP (VOIP) services for their call centers to make a call.

This is usually done using the SIP protocol, which takes the callers word for what their caller ID information is.

 There are some hackers who want to obtain your personal information without revealing their identity.

Anyone can obtain the numbers via the internet which is called Caller ID Spoofing. The numbers can be as per callers wish such as 1111111111 phone number or 1000000000 phone number or 0000000000. 

 These are fraud callers who will in their best possible way try to obtain your bank account details, credit/ debit card details and take out your hard earned money in a fraction of second. 

So stay alert and avoid answering such calls.

Marketing Calls

The phone call from 0000000000

In recent times, companies use the same number to call multiple users for load sharing and cost effective service. This can be easily done through an internet facility.

Telemarketers in any case have to abide by “Do not Disturb -DND” restrictions. People in general avoid telemarketing calls and disconnect/ block them.

However,  at various instances, telemarketers are generating spoofed numbers to make their voice heard to the potential customers.

 Using the Internet generated number 0000000000, one can easily hide their identity even after creating an account with a valid phone number. 

Most legitimate businesses and private persons would have a caller ID number passed through correctly by their voice service provider, so “0000000000″ is a potential red flag for attempted fraud or an individual seeking to conceal their identity.

  • Communication Errors

In some cases where the voice is not audible from the other side or there is a lot of disturbance, then it surely means that there is some glitch in the communication system. The technical glitches can happen anytime due to natural calamities and disturbances.

Due to some issues in the smartphones, the phone number or true name of the caller does not appear and it shows the phone number 0000000000.

The dramatic increase in numbers of cellphone towers has led to this phenomena of receiving phone calls from number 0000000000.

  • Paranormal activities

Often, many paranormal experts who have studied the subject believe that receiving a missed call from phone number 0000000000 is a paranormal activity. Some people believe that the calls are made by some spirits who want to connect with you. They might be your beloved ones who passed away or some ghost who wants to take some sort of revenge.

Researchers who have researched on the topic have found that the calls usually occur within 24 hours when someone dies. They have further argued by saying that large numbers of towers have made it possible for the otherworld to connect with our phones. 

  • International calls.

Sometimes in certain cases, many international calls due to some unforeseen reasons the caller ID  might  get masked with the number 0000000000. The actual number is thus not being displayed on your screen and it is reflected as a phone call from 0000000000. In such cases if you are absolutely not sure about the caller, never answer the call. Even if you see multiple missed calls from all the zeros , it is advisable not to revert back.

Various Smartphone applications and internet phones today provide free calling services. One can easily hide their identity and can make outgoing calls from phone number 0000000000.

  • Call from Defense

Few people have reported that they have received phone calls from number 0000000000 and that those were from defense forums. In some cases  it can also mean that you are being monitored by some farfetched government agenda or even dangerous hackers with a treacherous agenda.

  • Robocalls

Has it ever happened that you receive a call and when you see the number displayed it is your own number or the number 0000000000. Is it your future self calling your present. So the answer is -NO. This is the illegal Robocall made by some scammer.

For instance a person got a call which said that you haven’t paid your tax and you will be heavily fined for it. Even if the receiver doesn’t pay the amount instantly he will be reported to the police.

Scammers usually use this trick to hide from law enforcement. The bottom line therefore is do not pick calls even from your own number or do not press buttons to talk to a live person on the other side.

What to do when I receive a Phone Call from 0000000000

 Whenever, by mistake you receive any such calls the thumb rule is to avoid answering. Going further, after the call being disconnected you may block the number so that it doesn’t bother you again.  

In case if it happens that you just got a call from 0000000000 and receive a phone callfrom telephone number 000 000 0000, do not panic, relax and wisely answer it. In recent times, we have heard or seen so much news of digital and cyber crimes.

Never share your personal details, your current location, bank account details, credit card and debit card information as this may be a trap which may lead to unfavorable circumstances.

In some cases the color of the phone call from 0000000000 sprint also changes from regular calls. Do not get curious about the call and simply disconnect the call.

In case you have been receiving such calls since long, you may report the number to the police or security offices.

In extreme cases, you can even change your phone number.


 Stay safe and stay away from any such situations which may cost you otherwise. One should always remember that no number or an individual can harm you until you receive the call and answer questions. It depends entirely on you how wisely you handle such calls, i.e. whether you skip such calls or attend the call and get into the trap.

Also, in the technology-driven world various apps such as True caller have come up which enables us to find the identity of the caller irrespective of the caller’s location and the time in which the phone call is made.

Shashank Jain, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc.


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