Macrium Reflect is a backup utility software in Microsoft Windows that helps you in backing up files and data. It is an easy-to-use tool and proves to be a great performer CLONE FAILED ERROR-9.

Just like any other software, Macrium Reflect also has some errors. Its users have encountered some issues while Macrium Reflect disk clone. The error notification says “Macrium Reflect error code = 9” or “Macrium Reflect error 9”. It stops the cloning and hence the Macrium Reflect backup fails.

While Macrium Reflect clone drive, there are many reasons, and factors that cause Macrium Reflect clone failed error 9. For example – unstable internet connection, failed antivirus software, unsupported file system, etc. In this article, we are going to explain how to clone data with Macrium Reflect, and the different ways and methods through which you can resolve Macrium Reflect clone failed error 9 bad file descriptor.


Keeping your data backed up through cloning is always a good idea. Your hard drive may crash but cloning your data is safe and more reliable. Macrium Reflect is software that programs to create a backup of all your files and data CLONE FAILED ERROR-9.


Macrium Reflect cloning is a trustworthy procedure and is worth giving a try.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to clone your data with Macrium Reflect-

Step 1- The first step to clone your data is to download Macrium Reflect software on your device.

Step 2- Launch Macrium Reflect on your device from that taskbar.

Step 3- Select the drive that you want to backup. A blue colour rectangle will be displayed when the disk is selected.

Step4- Click on “Clone this disk” and then select a drive to clone to.

Step 5- Select the “destination drive”. This can either be an external link or an internal link. But you need to note that this procedure will erase all the data in the destination disk.

Step 6- Click and drag files from the drive that you want to clone. Make sure that the sequence of partitions in the destination disk is the same as the original disk.

Step 7- Click on “Next” when all the files are transferred to the destination drive. Click “Next”.

Step 8- Click “Finish” and then click on “OK”.

Macrium users who experience Macrium clone failed error 9, often ask questions like “How do I fix clone failed error 9?” OR “How do I fix Macrium reflect clone failed?

To answer these questions, we have a set of methods that can help you in fixing the cloning errors. These methods will resolve issues like Macrium Reflect clone failed permission denied, etc.

But before we get into the details of methods to fix cloning errors, we need to know what causes these errors in Macrium Reflect.

A major reason for the cloning error appearing in Macrium Reflect can be an unstable internet connection. If you are using a wired connection and the cable or wire is not connected to your devices properly, it may cause the failure of data cloning.

Another cause of clone failed error 9 can be enabled antivirus software. Antivirus software prevents Macrium Reflect from cloning your files and data for security purposes.

If your disk has a system error, it can also lead to failed cloning of your data. When the destination drive is corrupted, you may receive the clone failure notification.


As mentioned above, there are several ways to fix error 9.

Fix 1- Checking connection: Clone error may occur due to an unstable connection. To fix this issue, your first response should be checking if your internet is working properly. If you are using a wireless Wi-Fi connection, then try switching to a wired internet connection. If you are using a wired connection, then try to change the wire that you are using and see if the problem is cured.

Fix 2- Disabling antivirus software: Sometimes, clone error occurs due to third-party antivirus software enabled in your device. The antivirus software’s job is to protect your device from cyber threats, but it can also disable some of your device’s internal features, and cloning your data is one of them. To fix this issue, you must disable the antivirus software in your device before starting data cloning.

Fix 3- Clear the destination drive: You should consider cleaning up the target disk before cloning your data to prevent any errors and failures. To do so, go to the search bar and type “Diskpart” and open it. Next, click on “Yes” to grant permission. Then input the commands “List disk”, “select disk X” (where X is the number of target drives), and “Clean”, one after the other. After the whole procedure, restart your device.

Fix 4- Tring alternative disk: If none of these methods improves the cloning error in Macrium Reflect, you should use an alternative destination drive to clone your files, and data. You can also try using alternative drive cloning software to resolve the Macrium Reflect cloning error 9.

Fix 5- Bad sectors: The Macrium Reflect clone failure and happens due to bad sectors in the hard drive as well. To fix the error, you can run the CHKDSK utility to analyze, and detect the issues in your drive.

Another question that is asked frequently by people is, “What is the best software for cloning a hard drive?

There are many software other than Macrium Reflect that are considered to be the best for cloning hard drives, like Acronis True Image, EaseUS Todo Backup, Paragon Hard Disk Manager, AOMEI Backupper, etc.

Macrium Reflect can be used for different services, like Disk Imaging, File and Folder Backup, Cloning, Scheduling Backup Cycles, media Recovery, etc.


Macrium Reflect is an image and disk cloning tool. While using this tool, you may encounter some cloning issues. There are diverse ways to fix these cloning errors, as discussed above in this article. We have tried to cover almost all the pointers that you need to know about Macrium Reflect, cloning issues that come with it, and methods to resolve these issues.

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