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Connection Failed with Error 651

Computers can be a bit tricky when you are not from the tech field. And this sometimes becomes difficult when you face suddenly appearing errors connection failed with error 651.

One of such errors being 651 error. 

651 error is one of the commonly occurring errors with the Windows version 7 through 10. And we are sure this is giving you a lot of trouble and that is why you are here, looking for a solution.

To begin with, just a quick glimpse of what you are here for. 

What is a 651 error?
Why does error 651 occur?
How to fix the error 651?
Easy fixes to solve error 651 in broadband connection.

651: Old Times

These 651 errors also occurred in the previous versions of Windows as well, like the Windows Vista and is equivalent to or similar to error code 678 on Windows XP. 

If you see this error popping up on a window, don’t worry! It’s just a minor problem, but we know it can be annoying! So, We are here to help you out with it.

Know the roots!

What is error 651?

This error message displays on a pop-up window and appears as Error 651: The modem (or other connecting devices) has reported an error or connection failed with error 651

In the newer versions of Windows, 651 error will be displayed when there is an issue with the network adapter. But that’s not the main cause.

Error 651 in broadband connection basically occurs due to various reasons.

Reasoning Time!

  • Incorrect internet and IP configuration conflict – Your computer might be connected to a modem or a router, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be connected to an internet connection. This might suggest that connection to your internet was unsuccessful or it has been terminated. 
  • Network card driver issue – may be because the driver is not correctly installed in the program files. 
  • Another reason could be incorrect placement of a system file, or
  • When you try to establish an internet connection using Point to Point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) – this PPPoE is saved in the system files, and if this file is damaged, you’ll face error 651. 

All in all, facing these 651 errors, suggests that there has been an interruption between your computer and your DSL router or your DLAN adapter. 

Since, there may be various reasons for this error, there is no particular universal fix for it. 

Does that mean, it cant be fixed?

Well, No Fret! 651 error can be instantly fixed with some basic approaches listed down below that will help resolve this issue even when you are unable to figure the exact cause.

So, let’s start 

  1.  Fix #1- 

Reboot your Modem –

  • The first and very powerful method is restarting your devices. Disconnect your DSL router or DLAN adapter from the power source. 
  • Unplug all the cables and adapter from the power source. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting it. Reconnect the cables correctly.
  •  Modem error 651 can be solved using this method. (This might take a few seconds or may be a few minutes, be patient!) 

Restart your PC- (this one’s a classic!) 

  • Also, Try restarting your computer. Make sure you don’t  have any open files and you have successfully saved all your ongoing work.
  •  To do this, click on the windows icon on your PC, press on the power symbol followed by the restart option. 
  • Restarting your computer/PC fixes a range of errors whether you use Windows 7, 8 or 10. 
  1. Fix #2 –

 Check for the cables –

Another solution for modem error 651 is that you make sure that the cables connected to the modem, router or the computer are tightly plugged on to their desired places. 

  1. Fix #3- 

Disable auto-tuning- 

  • This method is helpful when you see error 651 in broadband connection. 
  • In the windows menu, hunt for “ command prompt”. Right click on the command prompt and choose the option of “run as administrator”. You’ll see a window pop-up, with the command  “ C:\ Windows\system32>”.
  • Type in the subsequent command – “Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled”. And press enter. 
  • After entering the command, check for your internet connection. 
  1. Fix #4-

 Restart all of your networking devices- (manually) 

  • Navigate  to the “control panel”, click on “network and sharing center”.You’ll see “ click on change adapter settings” on the left side of the window. 
  • Right click on your connection (i.e your Wi-Fi or the internet connection) and select the “disable” icon. After 15-30 seconds of disabling. Right click again on the same icon and enable it.
  •  In most of the cases, this fix will solve your modem error 651. But if in your case it doesn’t work you can try the following. 

TIP: In windows 10, to open “network and sharing center”, you can enter the command “ncpa.cpl” within the  run dialog box. 

Disable IPV6 for the internet –  

  • Again in the “network and sharing centre”, click on “adapter settings. Right click on your established connection (again, your Wi-Fi or the internet connection) and go to “properties”. 
  • Now, here you’ll find Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) enabled. Uncheck IPV6 from the list and choose ok. 
  1. Fix #5- 

Update your driver-  

  • A damaged or missing network causes 651 errors in your computer.
  •  For this, you would need to update your network card driver in Windows to fix the issue of “connection failed with error 651”. 
  • This usually is taken care of by Windows automatically, but if that is not the case with your PC, follow these steps. 
  • Launch the device manager and locate your network adapter. Right click on it to update the driver.
  •  Once this is done, restart your computer and check the connection. Updating your drivers timely, is very important for the well being of your computer. 

An alternate method to do so, is by using a software Driver Easy.

  •  This usually detects the drivers condition automatically. And you don’t need to struggle figuring out the issue. 
  • What you can do is – Install Driver Easy on a computer with an internet connection. Transfer it to an USB device or an external hard drive, and then install it on this computer (the one without an internet connection)
  • Run easy Driver and click on Scan to detect the problems. The next thing you’ll have to do is click on “update” and this will automatically install the correct version of all the problematic drivers. 
  1. Fix #6- 

Issues with rasppoe.sys files- 

  • Windows sometimes generally shows problems with this type of system file and leads to 651 error. 
  • To solve this issue, you’ll need a second windows device (with a working internet, of course!). 
  • Replace the old corrupted raspppoe.sys files, by downloading a new raspppoe.sys file, onto the second windows device. 
  • In the windows device (with no internet connection) transfer this currently downloaded raspppoe.sys file and replace it with the old file in the  C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory.

REMEMBER, to make a backup of an already downloaded file, in case anything goes wrong!
So, now you know what are the causes of the 651 error and how you can fix it. Let us know which of these methods helped you fix the issue.

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