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Discord Stuck On Checking For Updates

We all love the discord stuck updating app and use it regularly.

We mean, who doesn’t?

It’s an awesome platform for like-minded fellow gamers to wax lyrical, memes, music, sports and talk about their favorite games in servers or chat rooms. Today, the app has become a staple for gaming communities, and when it delays the latest updates, you feel kind of cut-off from your buddies.

Can’t get your hands on the new version of Discord?

Stuck on the update loop or Discord Update Failed?

Whichever the problem is, we have got your back! So, read on!


People usually complain that after every few seconds, a message pops up on their screen which states “Discord downloading update 1 of 1”, and after that, the app disappears.

They do not understand what is causing such errors and how to solve them.

Some users also get fed up with discord connecting, and ask “Why can’t I connect to discord?”, while some ask, “Why am I facing Discord RTC Connecting problems?”

Generally, various issues might stop you from updating the app, and we are going to talk about that as well.

Fret not, my dear friend! We have found a selection of fixes for the update of Discord.

Keep your worries aside because we will be revealing some awesome fixes that will let you back in the Discord app in no time.


In this article, we will discuss the causes and explain some solutions that will surely help you to fix issues related to the app, and might become the Discord permanent update on your PC.

That being said, let’s start off with the process, shall we?

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular app that helps a user to spend quality time with other people. It has large communities for gaming buddies, close friends, school clubs, and so much more.

On the Discord app, you can chat in real-time and initiate voice chat, send and receive text messages, as well as video calls. 

Overall, this app is a total package of entertainment!

And since the past few years, Discord has grown more popular among the young crowd.

The best thing about it is that you can access the mobile app, desktop application, or the web-based version from anywhere at any time.

Discord Stuck On Checking For Updates

Discord Stuck on Checking Updates

Are you looking for an answer for, “Why is my Discord stuck on checking for updates?”, then you will find it here.

There are three main reasons that cause Discord stuck updating on your PC.

  1. The first one is that Discord lacks administrator-level privileges to install the latest updates without any error.
  2. The second one is a network issue that might cause a glitch while downloading updates.
  3. A Corrupted/Outdated Cache is the third reason.

Now let us find out how to resolve the issues for Discord won’t stop updating on your computer.

In this condition, we have only two ways to resolve it!

Below, we have listed two best ways to fix to Discord stuck on checking for updates:

  • Restart Router:

The first and easiest way is to switch your connection or restart your router.

  • Restart PC:

The second solution is to restart your laptop or PC.

So these are two methods we would suggest you to follow when Discord gets stuck on checking updates.

Another Way To Fix Discord Stuck On Checking For Updates

Are you tired of asking your close ones, “How do I fix Discord stuck on checking for updates?”

Still haven’t found the proper solution yet?

Then, don’t be troubled because we might have found an instant answer for you for Discord stuck on checking for updates mac.

Sometimes, this problem occurs when the local Discord files are corrupt, so removing such files and performing certain tasks can help the program update normally.

Fix Discord update failed loop with the simple solution below:

  • Click on the Task Manager and End all the tasks related to Discord.
  • Visit your Desktop and search for Discord shortcut.
  • Click on Run as administrator after right-clicking on the app icon.
  • Tap on Run as administrator and give permission.
  • Once done, Discord will launch, and the latest update will start without any problem.

So that’s how you do it and end the Discord stuck on starting issue.

We hope it works to fix the update problem as soon as possible.

Discord Infinite Update

Sometimes, Windows Defenders and various anti-virus apps declare safe files as a threat and do not let them install other apps.

If you are looking for a way to disable Windows Defender to fix Discord infinite update, your solution is right here!

Check out the steps below:

1. First, open Settings, then click on Update & Security.

2. Open Windows Security and then tap on Virus & threat protection.

3. Then go to Manage Settings and turn off the Turn on real-time protection.

4. Lastly, save changes and close the app.

Now, you will be able to install Discord without any hindrance.

Wondering, “Why does the Discord update keeps failing every time?”


There are four main reasons why is Discord checking for updates over and over or keeps failing, and they are:

  • Cache Issues
  • Network Errors
  • Corrupted Files
  • Privileges

Below we have listed four instant solutions for those pondering, “How do I fix discord loading forever in Windows 10?” These solutions will give administrator-level privileges, fix network issues, and fix your cache by deleting AppData.

Solution 1: Disable Windows Defender and third-party Antivirus.

Solution 2: Fix Discord update failure by installing the update to a different folder or another location.

Solution 3: Thinking, “Why does Discord take so long to update?” Then, why not try renaming the Discord update file and install the update again.

Solution 4:  If all the methods fail, then back up the data, remove Discord, and try reinstalling its latest version on your PC.


discord stuck updating

RTC Connection: What is It?

RTC connection, also known as Real-Time Call Protocol, is the connection between a local computer or laptop and a remote. 

There are times when Discord users cannot connect with others, and the service keeps on saying ‘RTC Connecting’. The users can clearly see that the app is not trying to make any real progress. Thus, it wastes their time.

 How do I fix RTC Connection on Discord?

Thankfully, we have two best ways to resolve RTC Connecting problem! But before we explain, let’s check out the causes of this error.

What Causes ‘RTC Connecting’?

  • If your internet connection is not stable, then it might cause problems during the RTC connection.
  • The app won’t perform well when your IP address keeps changing due to VPN.
  • The app may not support a VPN that does not have UDP (User Datagram Protocol).
  • You won’t be able to join a chat on Discord when your region’s server is not properly connected.


Solution 1:Fix Proxy Server Setting

1. Close all the apps that are currently in use.

2. Use search keys or boxes to find and open the control panel.

3. Then tap on the “Network and Internet” option and click on the “Internet Options” button.

4. Once a new window pops up stating “Internet Properties”, click on the “Connections” section from the various sections.

5. Then click on an option called “LAN setting”

6. Again, a new window will appear “Local Area Network”

7. Search for “Proxy Server” and uncheck the box below it.

Solution 2: Flushing DNS Setting

1. Click Windows + r keys, which will open the run dialog box.

2. Then type “cmd”, which will open the command prompt.

3. Now, type “ipconfig /release.”

4. Enter “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter key, which will flush the DNS “ipconfig /flushdns”

5. To renew the IP configuration type “ipconfig /renew” and restart the system.

If the problem still persists while connecting, you can check your console for errors after pressing Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows or ⌥+⌘+I on Mac.

Our Final Thoughts

You have reached the bottom of this read, and we appreciate you sticking to the end. 

All these above methods will surely fix the Discord update problems. Just remember, if certain techniques fail, then try reinstalling the app again! Besides, if nothing works, then it is best to contact a professional or Discord themselves, who will be happy to serve you. 

If you manage to resolve the problem, then do share this read with your friends, who are in need. Sharing is caring, after all! Check back with us regularly for more Discord-related articles.

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