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EDZ Obelisk Not Working: Complications And Resolutions

Destiny 2 is now one of the most popular time passes of video gamers streaming on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The multiple layers of this game has created a separate fan base and a wild sensation among this group of fans. Obelisk is one of the core components introduced in this game.

As per game mechanism It needs to be used if the gamer wants to move to the next level in the sundial activity. Use of multiple obelisks is prohibited. You can link only one obelisk at a time while playing.

The gaming person is allowed to pick one tool or weapon after the completion of the activity. And obelisk must interact, if the gamer wants to explore these weapons.

But many users have launched a complaint of EDZ obelisk not working. The obelisk refuses to interact and as a result any further progress in the game is at stake.

This is of course an obelisk bug. There are multiple resolutions to these issues. In this article we will explore these solutions one by one. So if You are facing any issues with your obelisk, let’s fix it together.

EDZ Sundial Bug: How To Fix

Amidst the positive response for the Season of Dawn, the latest edition of the Destiny 2, since its launching of the latest edition Season 9, has been facing the issues of bugging.

When the game-lovers were supposed to busy themselves with the two new Obelisks found on Nessus and the European Dead Zone and earn more Season 9 rewards for playing the Sundial activity, besides further up-gradation of each obelisk with the increasing amount of Polarized Fractalness.

EDZ Obelisk Not Working
EDZ Sundial Bug: How To Fix

However the constant issue of bugging is standing in their way to relish the interaction with such Obelisks. But this problem has an workaround too. If you are unable to interact with your EDZ obelisk, you can try changing the server.

Travel as fast as possible until you get a suitable server where your obelisk is working. Instance changing is a guaranteed solution to this obelisk bug. But you may need to do it multiple times. So keep repeating it until you succeed in using your obelisk.

Destiny 2 Can’t Interact With EDZ Obelisk: EDZ Obelisk  Glitch In The Game

More than one solution is available for the obelisk issue you may face in the game. Let’s explore them together. You must give all of them a try one by one to find the most perfect resolution suiting your scenario.

A temporary way out:

  • Leave your area manually. And re-enter it again.
  • Now go back to the orbit.
  • Clean the game cache and the browser cache as well.

We hope following these steps will make you able to interact with your obelisk. If the issue is yet not fixed, you can try the another resolution we are suggesting below.

  • Now do all the steps from the beginning once again.
  • Reach out the gulch fast travel point. And now try to interact with the obelisk again.
  • Jump down to earth and enter the sea. Press the double triangle icon along with three circles to jump down.
  • Try connecting to the obelisk again.

As per our experience, you will successfully interact with your obelisk, after five times repetition of the overall process.

Destiny 2 EDZ Obelisk Bugged: The Root Cause And A Solution

With the unlocking of the second set of the obelisks in Destiny 2, time has come once again for the Guardians honing skills to activate devices in new edition. For Nessus device – umm, it seems OK! But it has often been discovered that after the first step of EDZ quest, i.e. killing a bunch of Cabal, the second step is bugged.

EDZ Obelisk Not Working
Destiny 2 EDZ Obelisk Bugged The Root Cause And A Solution

Any guess where the game the bugged?

Murdering the space rhinos will head you to the EDZ obelisk, a command for you to deposit the light. In the standardized following step of the obelisk quest – activate the obelisk – the game is bugged for most and they are unable to activate the device.

Here is a fixation of your issue:

  • Sometimes, this is just a simple network issue. A bad network makes it impossible for a gamer to find the right spot.
  • If this is the case for you, you must try connecting to VPN solutions to different world areas. 
  • Keep your ports disable.
  • Pinge as much as you are able to.
  • In this way, you will definitely be able to get to the right zone.


How Do I Fix EDZ Obelisk Glitch?

According to dmg04, run by the Destiny 2 community as a platform for a statement, problem and possible fixing, players struggling with the EDZ Obelisk may try the following to get rid of the bugging issues. However none of these remedial are permanent:

  • Walk away for a moment and try it again after some time.
  • Hop on a sparrow, leave the zone, turn around and re-try.
  • Wait at the Obelisk for 5 to 10 minutes. If fortune smiles at you, the button prompt may eventually turn up.

However these solutions may not work for everyone, nor it is the first instance of bugging in Season 9, where Osiris issue raised some eyebrows before. However the studio is working hard to fix the issues permanently

How Do You Unlock The Obelisk In Destiny 2?

In this section, we are going to discuss about the unlocking of Destiny 2’s Obelisk from the Season of Dawn.

While starting the Season of Dawn, Osiris will send the player a request for the activation of the Obelisk on the Tangled Shore. Completion of a fetch request through minimalist effort by killing Cabal and ravaging the enemies with prowess. An entry into the Obelisk’s menu will unfurl further action officially.

Where Is The EDZ Obelisk?

Here is an attunement guide for your EDZ obelisk. The obelisk in the game is found in the gulch, which is next to your fast travel spawn point on the hill. Now start your journey with recovery operation steps.

How Do You Unlock EDZ?

If the player is failing to unlock the EDZ obelisk in the game, he should follow the steps below.

  • The player must kill Cabal first
  • Now the enemies are to be destroyed with the help of the weapons available.
  • The fetch quest from Osiris must be completed.
  • Now he or she will be able to enter the menu of the obelisk.

And finally the obelisk is unlocked.


Hope our solutions have helped you to fix your EDZ sundial Bug. Try remember the steps you follow to fix your EDZ obelisk not working issue. Or you are always welcome to give us a visit once again. Thank you for visiting us!

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