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Best Methods To Turn Off Comments On Facebook

Facebook is a Social media and social networking service of America. There are various privacy settings and users are bound to follow all policies provided. Everyone has the freedom to like, share, and comment on any posts.

A Facebook comment is an expression of opinion in written form. It is a piece of content on any post on Facebook. Commenting can bring any users to the post and it enables them to discuss the content of the post.

Facebook comments can increase users’ engagement in social networking sites.

In some cases, it becomes necessary to turn off Facebook comments-

  • Negative comments need to be disabled.
  • Trolls and spam comments should be discouraged.
  • Comments that prevent conversation between users should be turned off.

Possibility To Turn Off Comments On Facebook

Yes, it is possible to turn off comments on Facebook. Users need to click on the three dots icon present at the top right of the desired post. Then click on the “Turn off Commenting” option. It will disable the comments on that post.

Best Methods To Turn Off Comments On Facebook
Possibility To Turn Off Comments On Facebook

Methods To Turn Off Facebook Comments

In order to turn off Facebook comments, users need to consider the following-

Three dots at the top right corner of the post clicking on the dots a small dialogue box appears there are various options choosing the option “Turn off Commenting”.

Steps Followed To Disable Comments On Facebook Photos

Users can easily follow the steps to disable commenting on Facebook photos-

  • Users need to login to their Facebook Accounts using email address and passwords.
  • They have to select “Privacy Settings” present under “Account” tab in the upper right corner.
  • Users have to locate the “Sharing on Facebook” section.
  • They have to click on “Customize Settings” link.
  • They need to choose “Things Others Share” section.
  • Then clicking on “Permission to Comment on your Posts” options.
  • Selecting “Customize”.
  • Selecting “Only Me” from “These People” sections.
  • Clicking on “Save Setting”.

Facebook Deactivation

Best Methods To Turn Off Comments On Facebook
Facebook Deactivation

Users can easily turn off Facebook as per their requirements-

Clicking the right top of Facebook selecting “Settings and Privacy”  choosing “Settings”  clicking on “Your Facebook information” in the left column clicking on “Deactivation and Deletion”  choosing “Deactivate account”  clicking on “Continue to Account Deactivation”  select “confirm”.

Processes To Disable Facebook Reviews

For disabling Facebook reviews, the users must remember certain steps-

  • Opening the Facebook page
  • Users need to select “Settings”
  • Then clicking on “Edit” page.
  • Users have to scroll down and select “Reviews”.
  • Choosing of “settings” option to the right of reviews.
  • Choosing “Turn Review off” option.
  • Clicking “Save”.

Methodology For Hiding Comments On User’s Personal Profile

To disable and hide comments on User’s Personal Profile-

Selecting “Settings” from the “Settings and Privacy” menu selecting “Profile and Tagging” from the left of the screen choosing “Viewing and Sharing” options clicking on “Hide Comments containing certain words from your profile”  clicking “Edit”.

Best Methods To Turn Off Comments On Facebook
Methodology For Hiding Comments On User’s Personal Profile

Procedure To Disable Comments On A Post

It is very easy to disable comments on a post. Users need to have full control over their privacy.

Opening Facebook from Google Chrome click on the down arrow at the top right corner of the home page  Choosing “Settings”  clicking on the “Public post” tab selecting “Public Post Comments” option selecting “Friends”  only known Facebook friends can able comment.

Deactivation Of Comments And Likes On Facebook Posts

In order to turn off comments and likes on Facebook posts-

  • Users have to open their own profile.
  • They have to select “Settings”.
  • They need to uncheck “”Allow Comments and Likes” option.

Several Means To Turn Off Comments On Group Posts

The users must be the group admin or moderator in order to turn off comments of post in a group.

  • Users need to click on “Groups” in the left menu from their News Feed.
  • Selecting the desired group.
  • If the Groups option is not available, then they have to click on “See More”.
  • They have to select the post whose comments are to be turned off.
  • Users then need to click on three dots at the top right of the post.
  • Several options will appear.
  • They have to select “Turn off Comments” option.

Ways To Hide Comments Of Facebook Post For Android And Mobile

To turn off comments of Facebook posts for androids and mobile, users should undertake certain aspects-

Login into Facebook Account from Facebook App  Opening Facebook menu  Opening the Group page selecting the Group and the desired post clicking on three dots clicking on “Turn off Commenting”.

Best Methods To Turn Off Comments On Facebook
Ways To Hide Comments Of Facebook Post For Android And Mobile

Reason That Hinders To Hide Comments On Facebook Posts

Users sometimes cannot turn off comments on their posts on Facebook. It is because Facebook sometimes makes it difficult to disable comments on users’ personal profiles. Therefore users need to take control of their content and privacy.

Spontaneous Deactivation Of Facebook Comments

Facebook has introduced Permalink Features that are linked with the comment and it will automatically remove the spam and unwanted comment.

Clicking on the comment’s time stamp directly links it with the permalink feature. Low quality and pre-moderated comments are automatically blocked or deleted.

Rules Of Removing Comments On Facebook Story

Users can easily turn off comments on Facebook stories. They need to remember certain rules-

  • Users need to visit their Facebook page and profile.
  • They have to click the drop down menu.
  • Users should choose the Turn off commenting from the menu.
  • Then users have to select and click the story that they want to mute.

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