Nothing hurts than seeing your friends’ Snapchat score going up! Want to master the technique and beat your pal in the game?

Are you wondering, “What does your Snap Score mean?”

Or are you new to Snapchat and want to know what is score on Snapchat?”

Well, you will find all the answers to your questions in detail along with some tricks and tips, in this read!

But firstly, let us understand how does Snap Score work!

SNAP score work
SNAP score work

Snapchat Score rises high upon a few things such as:

Stories you post

  • Number of snaps you receive
  • Number of snaps you send
  • Now that you already know how it works, let us go ahead and find out how to increase Snap Score.


1. Know what your current snapchat score is!

Don’t know where your snapchat score is located? You can now find it by following a few simple and easy steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open your Snapchat and head to your profile.
  • Then, click on your profile icon located in the top-left corner of your device screen.
  • You will find the snapchat score right below it.
  • To view the score, you can click directly on the numbers.
  • Once you do it, the numbers will get split into two sections.

As we mentioned previously, the first side of the points you see for sending and the second side of the points you see is for receiving the snaps.

2. Send multiple snaps at once to get brownie points!

The next step in how to boost your Snapchat score is to send one snap to your friend. If you send one picture, then you will get 1 point.

Yes, that is how it works!

If you don’t usually send snaps to your people, you will have to up your game to receive the points. The more the numbers of people are, the additional point you get!

Suppose you clicked a cool snap and sent it to 20 people, it may result in 20 to 21 points.

You can also select multiple friends to send one snap and get brownie points. So remember, all you have to do is click on the white Send arrow, and select the names you want to send the picture to.

Each friend of yours will receive the snap within seconds when you click on the Send arrow again.

3. Send snaps more often to increase your points!

Sending one snap in one day and skipping the next day won’t help!

To be there in the game, you need to send more and more snaps to your family and friends daily.

You can include anything in your snaps and send it to your peers, but don’t span them, or else you will get removed from their list.

Furthermore, do not forget to make this activity a routine of your day.

Suppose you are sick or busy for a few days, then you won’t be able to send snaps that regularly, right?

So during those days, you can shut down the snapchat app. After doing this, you will receive six or more reward points when you return.

Isn’t it cool?

One best thing about taking a break is that Snapchat will boost your rating when you open the app.

SNAP score work
SNAP score work

4. Sending direct text messages won’t increase the points, so it’s meaningless!

If you think sending direct messages will increase your score, you are so wrong, my friend!

Let us clear one thing here, sending or receiving direct messages won’t help you bag points, so stop counting on it!

We would suggest you avoid sending or opening the received chat messages to your friends.

If you understood our point, then let’s move toward the next step!

5. Never say no to opening unread snaps!

Received a new snap from your friend?

Then, open it right away!

By doing so, you will get one point in your kitty. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to do it, then:

Click on the red button for images or the purple button for videos, located right next to the sender’s name.

Easy, right?

One silly thing people usually believe is that if they replay the photo or the video, they get extra points.

Well, that is so not true, so do not waste your precious time replaying every video!

6. Add snaps to your story!

Always try to keep your story filled with more snaps because one snap will get you one point.

After finalizing the photo, you can click on the Send arrow button. Then, tap on the My Story circle, located in the upper-left corner of the recipient’s screen, to add a snap to your story.

7. Adding more friends on Snapchat is the best way to receive more points!

You can either send or accept a request to gain an extra point.

The more, the merrier! But don’t go around spamming around people just to get accepted.

Remember, each friend accepted or sent friend request counts, but some users believe that this strategy won’t work in the longer run. If we look from our perspective, it is beneficial for those who are new to Snapchat.

Another strange thing the snapchat users have noticed that they did not get any new points for adding every person. For example, you don’t get points when you add celebrities.

So what to do?

The old-fashioned way of sending and viewing your friend’s post or content is the best way to increase your score!

Doing so is like killing two birds with one stone! You will not only get extra points but make you more active and grow your following in the app.

So it is a win-win situation!

Once you see a spike in your Snapchat followers, you might also reach influencer-status. And after reaching that level, you can start earning money by advertising to your followers in the app.

But wondering, how does score gets calculated?

SNAP score work
SNAP score work


Each snap or video that your send or receive increases your score by one point. There might be rare cases where you will achieve 3 points. Getting 3 points depends on how long the clip is and how many videos or snaps you have opened!

Well, Let’s talk about the theories of how Snap Score is calculated as per the users below:

Some theories are doing rounds on the internet that you receive 12 points for each snap you send to the first three people. And 20 points for each snap thereafter.

It seems like a plausible explanation because some users have around 90,000 scores, and some have 700,000 or more.

Interesting right! Well we know you some concerns even now, so here we are some quick answers for you!


How do you get points on Snapchat?

Generally, you get one point for posting a snap on your story, one point for opening a snap, and one point for sending a snap.

However, you won’t receive any points for sending a text on the app or by viewing other’s stories.

The benefits are unknown, but many believe that they can unlock trophies and earn special achievements and get them in the form of emojis.

 What does it mean if your Snap Score goes up by 2?

There is no particular order to how many points you will get for sending or viewing a snap. The Snapchat score still remains a mystery to all of us!

So you can consider yourself lucky if suddenly your snap score goes up by 2 or 3 points.

Does Snapchat Score go up straight away?

No, it does not!

Many users have a misconception that their Snapchat scores will skyrocket as soon as they send or watch the snaps.

To increase their points in a week or two, you will have to follow our given step-by-step method and be patient.

If your Snap Score does not go up after performing all the tasks, then there might be an error, or you might be using an outdated app. Contact the Snapchat support team if you still notice the issue.

SNAP score work
SNAP score work

 How to hack your Snapchat Score?

You can neither get points by hacking the Snapchat algorithm nor by paying the third-party owners to gain points. Don’t believe in convincing photos or videos of alleged proof on the internet as well!

So, we are sorry to tell you, there is no such thing called a Snapchat score hack!


So that is how Snapchat Score works! If you want to crank it up, start using the app regularly and take advantage of its features. In a nutshell, use the app! However, you will never know how exactly your Snap Score increases.

 We hope the tricks and strategies in this article have helped you to learn more about Snapchat.

Stay tuned for more!


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