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How To Change DHCP Lease Time In Windows 10

This article mainly deals with one of the most frequently asked questions that are “how to change DHCP lease time windows 10?” It covers all the basic steps which are to be followed to complete the procedure.

A lot of people have been facing an issue with the Windows 10 DHCP lease time and going through this article will help resolve the issue. The steps mentioned ahead are performed only on a DHCP server and it has no option to modify the Windows 10 leases IP address from within.

How Do I Change DHCP Lease Time?

If you are the windows server administrator and are looking for the steps to change the DHCP lease time then follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Log in to the windows server and open the server manager. From the top right of the manager, click on tools and select the displayed options.
  • When the manager console opens up, click on the server name to expand it and all the other options will be displayed on the right-hand side pane.
  • To change DHCP lease time, further, from the displayed options click on IPv4 to expand it.
  • When the Ipv4 options open up, left-click on the scope that is to be changed. Alter the lease duration details according to your preference and then right-click on the scope.
  • Click on properties and finally from the options below change DHCP lease time windows 10 clients from the lease duration settings of the general tab. Modify the maximum limit for the new lease time.
  • Save the made changes by clicking on OK.
How Do I Change DHCP Lease Time
How Do I Change DHCP Lease Time

After the set DHCP lease time has been done with, head over to the device and open the command prompt again this time as an administrator. Run the commands below and wait for the first command to complete before moving over to another.

What Is The Recommended DHCP Lease Time?

For a home network, the recommended DHCP lease time for the default 24 hours (1440 minutes) is considered appropriate. The number of devices should be limited to up to 3 per member and the pool of IP addresses comes up to around 200 addresses.

A higher lease time of 8 days can also work fairly well in a household network. The default DHCP setting is 24 hours and it may be shorter or longer depending on the server. The DHCP lease time for gaming can also be adjusted from one minute to a certain number of days.

What Is The DHCP Lease Time Command?

The DHCP lease time command can take up to three different options that include- lease days (hours), (minutes) with both of them being optional. The maximum period of 365 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes can be specified by the user.

The default time is one day and the shorter the lease period is set to the faster the user can reconfigure the DHCP options. The short periods also help to permit the IP addresses which are to be returned to the address pool.

These settings are useful in an environment wherein a large number of end devices connect and disconnect frequently and in the wireless public networks this comes up in play. A shorter lease period of about 30 minutes can also be useful to ensure that the IP addresses are returned to the pool quickly.

In case of a shorter lease time, the workstations might need to renew their leases more often and it puts an extra strain on the network and server.

How To Change DHCP Lease Time On Router?

On the router’s web interface, you might have to look for the advanced LAN settings and access them. On the configuration page, select the DHCP serve tab and the section.

In the server settings look for the option called the Lease time and it is usually specified in seconds rather than minutes, hours, or days. To change the settings on the router, type the time in seconds.

How do I change DHCP settings in Windows 10
How do I change DHCP settings in Windows 10

Save all the new settings by clicking on Apply and OK. When you do that, the router might need to reboot to set the new DHCP lease time in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the DHCP lease time forever?

The DHCP lease time forever is set to a default of 24 hours which might be specified in different units of hours, minutes, or seconds.

2. How do I reset my DHCP leases?

To clear an active lease the user needs to-

  • From the management, the tab selects the DHCP tab and in that the current leases.
  • Click on the checkboxes below and clear the IP addresses that you need and click on the clear lease icon.

3. How do I change DHCP settings in Windows 10?

Select the start button and then go to the settings and network. The under the IP assignment click on the edit option. From their edit the settings to manual from automatic. When all of this is done select save.

How To Change DHCP Lease Time On Router
How To Change DHCP Lease Time On Router


As a lot of people have been asking “how to change DHCP lease time windows 10?” this article will help to resolve all of the queries related to it. The procedure to change the DHCP lease time is very easy to perform.


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