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Three Easy Ways On How To Factory Reset Ps3

Are you looking for ways on how to factory reset PS3? There may be various reasons you want to do so like, your video or game is frozen.

If you are scouring the internet for the answers but have not found the right solution, then don’t worry, our guide might help you.

But before jumping to the main part, let’s understand, what does restore PS3 system do in detail.

The Role Of Restoring Ps3 System: Will Restoring Ps3 Delete Everything?

Once you perform a factory reset, it will get rid of all your data. The restoring PS3 system will delete everything, so wesuggest you back up your files first to a USB storage device or an external hard drive.

Furthermore, the system software will be stored to its default settings, so make sure not to do something that accidentally deletes your important data.

And, “How long does it take to factory reset PS3?” Well, the overall factory reset process takes three hours to complete.

Three Easy Ways On How To Factory Reset Ps3
The Role Of Restoring Ps3 System Will Restoring Ps3 Delete Everything

You must be also thinking, “Where is the reset button on a ps3?” You can find it on the backside of your gaming controller. All you need is a paperclip to press it.

If you have taken all the necessary precautions and backed up everything, now you must be thinking, “How do I restore my PlayStation to factory settings?”

Step By Step Guide For Restoring Ps3 To Factory Settings

Wondering, “How to factory reset PlayStation 3?” Or how to restore the default on your PS3? Then, in this following guide, we will show you various methods to master the factory reset PS3.

So continue scrolling to learn how to reset PS3 system. After following this useful guide, we are sure that your Playstation 3 will run faster and smoother.

Method 1 – Quick And Easy Frozen Playstation3 Reset 

Below are the full steps to how to format PS3:

  • Click and hold the PS3’s Power button. You can also perform a manual reset if your PS3 is frozen. For that, you will need to do the reset from the console itself because the controllers are frozen as well.
  • In the next step to reset PS3 to factory, make sure to hold the power button for thirty seconds. Once you do that, you will hear three rapid beeps, and your PS3 will turn off automatically.
  • Now, wait for some time, then click on the Power button to turn it back on. Do not turn it on with the help of the controller because it may not detect the PS3.
  • In the final step of how to reboot a PS3, let the system check for any issues. Your video game console will check for issues on the disk. Sometimes, it may be complete in just a few moments, or it may also take a while.

If this method did not solve the error, move to the next step of factory reset PS3 slim.

Method 2 – A Full Hard Reset Playstation 3

Three Easy Ways On How To Factory Reset Ps3
Quick And Easy Frozen Playstation3 Reset 

Are you wondering, “How do you completely reset a PS3” hard disk?Then, here is how to reformat a PS3:

  • First of all, go to the PlayStation 3 settings. To do that, you need to keep moving to the left until you find the settings section. This section will have an icon of a toolbox. On the PS3 controller, press X to access.
  • After that, go to the settings menu to find the System Settings section. Click on X to access the PS3 controller.
  • Now, scroll down through the system settings to reach the Restore PS3 System. Then, click X again to access.
  • An informational message will appear to stop you from going to this setting and executing it by mistake. If you have purchased a few stuff on Playstation Store, then make sure to deactivate the PS3 before the restoration begins. If you have done so, click on Yes and X buttons to proceed.
  • Here, you will see two methods to reset the PS3. You can go with the quick method to keep the console. It will erase all the settings and hard drive data and go back to the factory state.
  • Or else you can go with the complete reset method when you are planning to give away, repair, or sell the Playstation 3. Doing so ensures that they will not be able to recover your data with any specialized tools and perform a complete format.
  • Another confirmation will pop up indicating that all your data will be permanently erased and won’t be recovered. If you are sure, click on Yes and tap on the X button of your gaming controller. Once everything is finished, it will restart. Do not disconnect or turn off the console during the reset, and wait for the process to complete.

So that’s how you do it, guys! After following all the steps carefully, a full PS3 resetten will run smoother than the butter.

Method 3 – Starting Safe Mode

  • Firstly, back up your saved game files before repairing them on the PS3 file system. It might help when something goes wrong.
  • Back up your data to any USB drive. For that, you will have to insert the USB drive into your PS3. 
  • Select “Saved Data Utility” after opening the Game menu.
  • Now, navigate the first backup game, then press △ and click on Copy.
  • Now, choose the right USB file and copy the content. Keep repeating this process for all the game saves.
  • Then, turn off your PS3 and enter Safe Mode.
  • Click and hold the Power button until you hear a beep sound.
  • Keep holding the power button to hear the second snd the third beep.
  • The system will power back off, and you will see a red light.
  • Now click and hold the Power button to hear the first and second beep. Continue holding until you hear a rapid double beep.
  • Now, release the button a text saying “Connect the controller using USB and then press the PS button” will pop up on your screen.
  • Then, connect and turn on your controller. 
  • Now, use Safe Mode to reset your PS3.

You can also use other listed options to fix the errors:

  • Restore File System
  • Rebuild Database
  • Restore PS3 System

Our Final Thoughts On How To Factory Reset PS3

We hope all your problems are solved by trying out our quick and easy ways provided in the “how to factory reset PS3 guide”.

Are you still facing unexpected errors even after doing everything as you were told in this tutorial? Or do you still have doubts about the resetting PS3 works? If your answer is yes, then we would suggest you get in touch with the professional support team.

Good luck!

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