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How to Fix Windows Error Code 80070103

Are you someone whose primary and ultimate source of entertainment and income is the PC or laptop? How to Fix Windows Error Code 80070103How to Fix Windows Error Code 80070103.

If yes, you must have at any point, noticed error code 80070103. Users who tend to access hardware driver latest updates face this difficulty often. 

You will be unable to complete the upgrade process if you come across error code 80070103. If you are attempting to download an already existing driver’s incompatible version during a Windows update, then you can face Windows 7 update error code 80070103.

We are here to serve with some causes that might come helpful to you. Determining the cause of the appearance of error code 80070103 is easy. 

Just know that if you are into updating hardware drivers constantly ten you will be a victim to the error code 80070103. If the Windows Updates tool or machine attempts to install a driver which is already present in your device then you can see a popup that shows unable to install windows updates, error code 0x80073712. 

If your machine is not capable enough or less capable to support the version of the driver, then the error code can occur too while installation and will show windows update failed 80070103.

If you are here with minimum technical skills still wondering how to fix error code 80070103, then we have the simplest range of solutions for you. If you have ever encountered windows update error code 80070103, then these methods will be extremely helpful for you. In dire situations, you might need the help of a specialist or a technician who repairs Windows. Don’t get the pun, the ‘W’ is in capital if you see carefully. Anyways, getting back to resolving the error code, if you are having serious problems in understanding the manual repair methods that we are providing you with, you can rely on the technician as your last option in order to not spoil your device or Windows permanently.

You can reinstall the hardware drive or hide the update to avoid the error code 80070103 pop-ups.  Within the settings of your machine, you can hide an update on the website of Windows update. In most instances, people who come across this error code might have to contact the manufacturer of the device to reinstall hardware drivers. If still you want to try your hand at manual repairing as contacting a technician or the manufacturer will be time and money consuming, we are here to help with some showstopper steps. Below given are methods to fix the error code 80070103.

In the below discussion,

6 Effective Ways to Fix Windows Update Error Code 80070103

Method 1: Hiding the updates

You do not need to install the update if your device driver is working fine without much difficulty. You can prevent Windows updates from installing by hiding the update. If you hide the update, Windows will not offer this drive-in near future. In order to complete this manual hiding method, you have to follow these steps.

Ste 1: You have to type control panel after pressing windows +S key. Open the application after clicking on the ‘System and Security’.

Step 2: From the list of System and Security, you have to select System.

Step 3: From the left-hand side panel, you have to click on Advanced System Settings under the application named ‘System’.

Step 4: You then have to click on Device Installation settings after opening the ‘Hardware Tab’.

Step 5: Save the changes, after selecting No but you may not see your device working as expected.

The [Solved] Code 80070103 Windows Update Error will Not Appear on Your Screen After Restarting Your Computer.

Method 2: The SFC command needs to be run

In case of a corrupted system file, the following method will be very helpful to you as it is by far the simplest.

·            You have to keep Command in the box after pressing Windows + R key.

·            Press Enter after pressing Shift + Ctrl keys

·            Before you press Enter, you have to type ‘SFC/scan now’ after the cursor starts blinking in the blackened area.

·            The tool will start fixing any file issues after a critical scan and check.

The error 80070103 might have solved by now.

Method 3: You have to recognize the faulty driver

The source of the error code that is the faulty driver needs identification.

·            Press Enter after a dialogue box open by pressing Window + R.

·            You will find various apps after the update window is opened by Typing Windows Update and clicking Enter

·            Then the application section needs to be selected

·            In order to view update history, you have to click ‘view installed update history’.

In order to recognize the problematic driver, you will be served with both failed and successful apps which can help you solve the Microsoft error code 80070103.

Method 4: You have to reinstall or update the hardware driver

You have to download the correct version which is compatible with your operating system, before uninstalling the current graphics driver. You have to start your computer in safe mode after you install DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller. Start the installed application after booting your device.

Your computer will get accordingly restarted after the application will uninstall the currently installed drivers automatically. After launching the application, if you have to ‘Clean and Restart’.

·            You have to type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter after pressing Windows + R key.

·            You have to expand the category ‘Display Adapters’ once you get into the device manager.

·            You have to select ‘Update Driver’ after right-clicking on the device

·            “Browse my computer for driver software” have to be selected after that

·            You have to install the downloaded driver after navigating the location after following instructions

You have to check whether the problem is fixed or not after restarting the system as you install the driver update. Driver Easy will enable you to fix the error in a simpler way. 

Method 5: Virus/Malware needs to be checked by you

You have failed to scan your system for malware or harmful viruses on a regular basis then you might face the error code 800701013. You can use up-to-date software for scanning viruses in your device. In windows defender, a popup message may appear that your PC is infected by virus or malware.

·            Windows defender<Update and Security<Settings<Start menu

·            You have to click on Advance Scan under the section ‘Virus and Threat protection’

·            You have to select ‘Windows Defender Offline Scan’ option

·            ‘Scan Now’ has to be clicked

Method 6: Configuration of Proxy Server Settings

·            You have to type ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box after pressing Windows + R key. The command prompt will open.

·            You have to view your proxy server settings after typing netsh winhttp show proxy into the prompt

·            You have to press Windows + R key if you a message that shows Direct Access

·            You have to press Enter after typing ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box

·            Press Enter after typing ‘sfc/scan now’ in the command prompt

·            You have to restart the computer after the scanning is completed


Now, all you have to do the error code 800701013 is solved or not and whether you could avoid the windowsupdate_80070103 error. If you are still facing the same issue, feel free to contact us to get more solutions.

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