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How To Flip An Image In Google Docs?

Many people tend to get confused between flipping an image and rotating it and both of these are very different from each other. Do many people tend to get confused while they are trying How To Flip An Image In Google Docs?.

Flipping an image means that you reverse the image that is making the right side left and vice versa. On rotating an image, it turns upside down and it can be rotated towards both left or right.

This article aims to provide an answer to one of the most important questions which are “how to flip an image in Google Docs?” Since Google Docs is one of the most popular applications used many people ask “how to flip an image on Google Docs?”

How To Flip A Picture In Google Docs?

The steps to flip an image in Google Docs are mentioned below-

  • Open the Google Docs document which contains the image that is to be flipped.
  • Select the image by clicking on it and once it is selected right click on the image. Select Copy.
  • By placing the cursor at the end of the image press enter until a blank page appears.
  • After the image is copied to the clipboard place the cursor on the new page.
  • Click on Insert, point to Drawing, and then select New.
  • The Google Docs drawing tool will open.
  • Right-click on the empty space and then select Paste.
  • The flipped image will then be pasted into the Drawing tool and will be automatically highlighted.
  • The Google Docs flip image is achieved by clicking on the Actions-drop down menu and then pointing to rotate. Then select the option to flip horizontally.

A lot of people have been asking “how to flip an image horizontally in Google Docs?” and it is done by clicking on the option to flip horizontally. Finally, Save the image and close it. To flip the image vertically click on Actions > Rotate> Flip Vertically.

The same steps are to be followed when the user asks “how to mirror an image in Google Docs?” If this procedure is followed correctly, the user gets the right mirror image Google Docs.

How To Reflect An Image In Google Docs?

How To Reflect An Image In Google Docs
How To Reflect An Image In Google Docs

To reflect an image in Google Docs you need to open the image in the drawing tool of the documents and then right-click on the image. Select on rotate and then click on the flip horizontally to mirror an image in Google Docs.
The above-mentioned procedure should be followed whenever a user asks “how to reflect a picture?”.

How To Rotate Image On Google Docs?

To rotate the image in Google Docs, click and hold the mouse button and then move the mouse in the direction where you want the image to be rotated. Hold the shift button while moving the mouse and the image will rotate in only 15-degree increments.

Once the image is sufficiently rotated release the mouse button. Click on the Save and close button at the top of the screen and the rotated image appears in the document.

How To Mirror Text In Google Docs?

Flipping the text in a document is almost similar to flipping an image and in short means mirroring it. It is like putting the text in front of a mirror and taking the reflection as the version of it.

The text can either be flipped vertically or horizontally. When it is flipped vertically, the top and bottom portions are reversed and when it is flipped horizontally the left and right portions are reversed.

How To Mirror Text In Google Docs?
How To Mirror Text In Google Docs?

It is very important to know the difference between vertical and horizontal flipping of the text to choose the right option in the word processing software. To flip the text horizontally or vertically, the word art option can be used. To do so-

  • Open the Insert tab and select drawings and then click on New.
  • Click on Actions located in the toolbar of the drawings window and find the actions tab. Click on the option from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the text in the Word Art box and then press Enter.
  • There will be different options for flipping the text and the first option is by using anchors. Use the circular anchor to vertically flip the text and rotate it by 180 degrees.
  • Another convenient way to flip the text is by right-clicking on the text box and hovering over-rotate. Choose the flip horizontally or vertically options.

How To Rotate Paper On Google Docs?

To change the setup of a page on Google Docs follow the steps mentioned below-

  • On the computer open a document in Google Docs.
  • In the toolbar click on File> Page setup.
  • Go to the settings that you want to change including the orientation, paper size, page color, and margins.
  • Make the required changes and then click on OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to create a mirror image in Google Docs?

The entire process of creating a mirror image in Google Docs and flipping it either vertically or horizontally is mentioned above. If the procedure is followed correctly, a proper mirror image will be created.

  • How to reverse an image in Google Docs?

Reversing an image is the same as flipping an image and creating a mirror image. So, the process that is followed to flip an image in Google Docs is to be followed to reverse it.

  • How to print mirror image in Google Docs?

After mirroring an image in Google Docs, it can be printed by clicking on the print option.


Google Docs is one application that can be used to make presentations that are appealing and attractive. Sometimes while making a presentation the user asks “how to flip an image in Google Docs?”

The entire process of flipping an image, mirroring it, flipping the text, changing the page orientation, rotating an image is mentioned in the article above.

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