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How to Get the Perfect Custom Labels for Jars: A Guide

Food jars and containers are so popular nowadays. They are great for packaging homemade foods, candies, spices, and so much more.

According to reports, the global food container market was valued at $280 billion in 2020. It will grow at a CAGR of six percent. The reasons for this are simple. Jars are convenient, easy to use, and cost-effective. They are also easier to carry and store than bulky containers and can be easily stacked on top of each other. Plus, they let you see what’s inside, making them perfect for casual use.

The following guide will explain what custom labels for jars are and find the right one for your brand.

What Are Custom Labels for Jars?

Custom labels for jars are stickers or printed papers placed on them to advertise their contents. They are typically made from corrugated cardboard, writing, or plastic. Custom labels for jars are a cost-effective way of promoting your brand and letting customers know what’s inside the container. The labels tell your customers who you are and provide them with essential ingredients, expiration dates, and more.

Custom labels are also great marketing tools. They can be printed with your company name, logo, and contact details. This way, they provide information and serve as a business card.

How to Get Custom Labels for Jars That are Right For Your Brand?

1) Look For  a Reliable Label Maker

The primary job to do is to find a reliable label maker. The market is full of different machines, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. However, there are a few things to look for to make sure you get a reliable machine:

• Check if the label maker is FDA-compliant. Some aren’t safe for direct contact with food, so it’s essential to research this.

• Look for label makers that can produce high-quality labels. These are typically built with heat presses, so the label is sealed and doesn’t come off in high heat.

• Look for sturdy label makers with the ability to print on various types of materials, such as cardstocks and plastics.

• Check the label maker’s warranty and make sure it covers any malfunctions or damages.

2) Get a Variety of Labels

Once you’ve chosen the label maker, it’s time to decide what type of labels you need. Some popular options are:

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are great for cold products. These virtually indestructible stickers are also waterproof and will not peel off when exposed to high temperatures in dishwashers. Plus, they come in various colors that look sleek and professional on jars.

Paper Labels

Paper labels are made from paper or plastic and are best for products that need to be refrigerated. However, they can get wet and fall off in high heat.

Polypropylene Labels

These waterproof labels come in various colors and won’t peel off easily when exposed to heat. Plus, they look sleek and professional on jars. They also work well in colder environments.

Hand-Written Labels

Hand-written labels are a popular choice for home businesses and small brands. They can be printed with whatever you want and look fun and rustic at the same time. Just make sure to print them in a font that looks neat and professional.

3) Get Custom Labels That Are High Quality

It would help if you only got custom labels for jars that look professional and are high quality. Otherwise, they can damage your brand’s image or be ineffective. Here are some tips to make sure you get the right ones:

Make sure the label maker can produce high-quality stickers. Clear labels printed with sharp fonts are more professional-looking than blurry labels.

Look for labels made from plastic and polypropylene. These two materials are more durable than paper and vinyl. They can also be printed with high-quality images that won’t come off when exposed to the right temperature or the right amount of water.

Ask your graphic designer to make sure your custom labels look professional and branded. You can use the same design for your logo, graphical elements such as fonts and colors, and technical specs.

Shop around to find custom labels for jars in various shapes and sizes. They should be the right size for your product and easy to read when customers pick them up in stores or when jarred food is in their hands.

4) Personalize Your Labels for Maximum Impact

Personalizing your labels is a great way to build customer loyalty. You can add product names, ingredients, expiration dates, and more to make sure customers stay informed and loyal to your brand. Plus, custom novelty stickers are fun and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes you can choose from.

Now that you know how to choose the suitable custom stickers for jars and print the right design for your jars, you can start making and selling more products and growing your business.

Puneet Jain
A virtual SEO expert, content writer, and digital marketer.


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