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How to Make a Cool Time-Lapse Video

If you are an artist or a content creator and you haven’t considered using a video, then you should consider it. A time-lapse video can transform your on-camera presentation into a catchy and dynamic work of art. In case you are wondering what it is, a video is a series of images set in a sequence that makes time appear to be moving faster. For regular videos, the recordings appear and play in the exact time and sequence in which something takes place. In the case of time-lapse videos, you manipulate time with low-frequency shooting style or multiple image editing. You can edit your video this way using an online video editor at the comfort of your chair. ‘How-to’ videos mostly feature demonstrations due to the nature of their explanative presentations. You can create a cool video showing the transformative process of your DIY project. Examples include pottery, furniture reconstruction, or painting. With it, your creative process can speed up to take your viewers through the transformation your project makes. Once you have your footage of the process, an online video editor can help you produce amazing videos.

Consider the following guidelines for making cool time-lapse videos

Get Proper Shooting Gear

Your shooting gear will involve everything you use like your time-lapse camera, lenses, lighting, and tripod stand. If your camera isn’t time lapse-enabled, it is difficult to literally take a series of shots for a long unfolding process then join them. Therefore, you have the option of using a camera with a built-in intervalometer. Or you can buy an intervalometer and connect it to your camera. Most cameras have this function built-in. This is to automatically shoot a series of images within a set interval, even without your intervention.

DSLR cameras have a special time-lapse feature that makes them the most effective for videos. However, it is important to compare features on other cameras to find what suits you. If your camera or android device doesn’t have this feature, you can use an app or an online video editor with its recording. You should also get a tripod stand as videos take longer. Holding the camera that long is impossible. Moreover, a tripod stand will give you steady shots.

Carefully Pick Your Subject

Carefully -Pick- Your- Subject

Just like in regular videos, time-lapse video framing and composition will involve picking a subject that will be your main focus. If you pick on a subject that shows little or no changes over time, your video will be boring. You have to choose a subject that indicates some movement such as rising dough, water levels, moving people, or vehicles. This will give you a dynamic and engaging video.

Set the Correct Frequency

The time interval settings will depend on the duration of your project and its process. For example, if you intend to document the sunset, you will set your shooting interval to be between 20 and 30 seconds. This will help you capture the intervals within which certain changes are happening and make your editing work easier.  If you are documenting the rising of dough in your bread-making video, you will need at least 30 seconds in between the frames. This is because it is a process that takes longer to advance. This is when you compare it to traffic footage that has fast-moving cars. In this case, you will need a faster interval of 2 to 3 seconds in between shots.

Shoot With an Appropriate Lens

Depending on your scene, you should choose a lens that best fits your subject. If your subject is small, then you’re better off with a macro lens. If your subject or scene is big and wide, you should use a wide-angle lens. Prime lenses are better for low-lighting scenes such as sunset shoots. Once you have your camera fitted with the appropriate lens, mount it on a tripod hit record to begin shooting your subject.

Get an Online Video Editor Ideal for Your Footage

Online -Video Editor
Online -Video Editor

Your shooting method will determine your editing process. If the shooting happened over a very long duration, the editing process will be more complex and involved. Your footage is posted on the timeline as hundreds or thousands of images. Putting them together to form a seamless video is not easy. You need a quality online video editor to help you stitch up the fragments of images as they appear on the timeline. It will also give you cool transitions and editing features to create a great motion blur on your dynamic subject. Shorter time lapse videos are easier to edit because of fewer images in sequence. In this case, any online video editor should do the trick. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technological advancement, you can record your own time lapse video automatically and efficiently. However, you need mastery of video frame rates to come up with a cool flowing video with smooth transitions. The quality of the video will depend on identifying the appropriate frame rate and shutter speed.  As much as you may edit out any imperfections with an online video editor, understanding frame rates will help you avoid transitional and exposure errors. With the ideal frame rate and the above-listed tips, you are set to create a cool time lapse video worth your audience’s time.

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