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How To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings?

Has this pandemic brought you closer to the screen and more dependent on applications for meeting people via video conference calls? All of this has helped mimic working conditions, in-office environment, and lack of personal interaction that may stem from physical meetings.

This article deals with understanding the interface of an application named Zoom, which is one of the most popular video conferencing applications. It has several features about which a lot of questions are being asked like how To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings?

This article clarifies many doubts regarding the working of the application and some of its features like raise hands in zoom and also in some other applications such as Google meet.

What Is The Raise Hand Feature On Zoom?

Zoom as an application has an interesting way of allowing the participants or users to interact with the host by providing non-verbal feedback options. One of these options includes the raise hand feature in zoom which allows participants to raise their hand while simultaneously alerting them.

In this way, the user can request the host to speak up without interrupting them in between and share any of their concerns if they have been muted by the host. Some other applications which have a similar zoom raise hand feature are Microsoft Teams and Google is expected to roll one out in the future.

How To Raise Hand In Zoom Meeting On Windows Pc And Mac?

How To Raise Hand In Zoom Meeting On Windows Pc And Mac
How To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings?

If you are a Windows PC or Mac user and happen to use Zoom then you can read further into the guide which provides the answer to the question saying how To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings? to raise a hand while in a meeting you can-

  • Launch Zoom and join the meeting via link or password as a participant.
  • Click on the Participant button and this brings up several options for non-verbal feedback.
  • Select the raise hand option located inside the Participant panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

Another alternative shortcut for the same is to use the keyboard. Press the “Alt+Y” key on either of the systems and this will toggle the Raise hand option to ON or OFF. This will only be visible if you are not the host of the meeting.
The Zoom application only allows one type of nonverbal feedback at a time.

How To Raise The Hand On Android And Phone?

If you are using the mobile version of the application then, the zoom raise hand on phone feature works a little differently. To perform this task, you need to launch the application and join the meeting as a participant and then tap on the ‘More’ button from the meeting controls.

These are located to the bottom right corner of the screen and then select the raise hand option from the pop-up menu.
The meeting host will then be notified about the action that you have performed regardless of the device they are using.

How To Raise a Hand On a Phone Call?

Many people also ask “how to raise your hand on zoom while on a phone call?”, since the application allows users to dial into the meetings directly from a phone. In such cases, if the participant wants to raise their hand they must dial *9 on their dial pad.
To lower the hand they must press *9 again on the speed dial pad.

Where Is The Raise Hand Icon In Zoom?

Many people ask “Where is the raise hand option in zoom?” which is answered below. When a participant joins in a meeting, a small hand appears right next to their name. Zoom lists the participants in order in which their hands were raised.

When checking this on a computer, one can see whether a participant has raised their hand by clicking on the tap located at the bottom. This will show a list of the participants in the call and those who raised their hands previously.

Where Is The Raise Hand Icon In Zoom
How To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings?

In the case of the phone, one can check by tapping on the participant’s option from the bottom of the screen and in the next screen, a check for a blue hand icon can be performed. When this appears, it means the participant has raised their hand to speak up.

Since many people complain that there is no raise hand icon in zoom especially in the case of phones, this might be the case. They might have to toggle the switch and then use the raise hand feature.

Is The Raise Hand Option Missing?

There might be two different reasons for a user not being able to see the raise hand icon when they are in full-screen mode, the toolbar is minimized and in such cases, no icon might be visible. In the case of mobile phones, one can simply tap on the screen of the meeting and the toolbar appears on which the participants’ tab is present.

In the case of a computer, the user simply needs to move their mouse and the toolbar will be revealed Sometimes the host of the meeting has disabled the non-verbal feedback settings for managing raised hands in the zoom, and in such cases, the participant might have to ask the meeting to enable the option under his settings on the web.

How To Raise Hand In Zoom After Update?

Zoom teleconferencing has become very popular since the start of the lockdown; with the meetings turning online a lot of people have started using zoom. After the recent update, one of the most common questions asked while in a video call is “how to raise a hand in zoom update?”

Zoom has updated its raise hand feature recently by adding the reaction icon into the app itself. That means, that the raise hand option is now located under the reaction icon. The Raise hand option used to be located next to the ‘more’ button at the right end corner of the screen with three dots.

After the update, it is moved under the reaction icon and the following steps should be followed while launching it on a laptop or desktop.

  • Launch the application and join in as a participant.
  • The reaction icon is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen within which the raise hand option is present.

A keyboard shortcut for the same is also present to raise hands much faster. The raise hand feature will only be viewable until the participant becomes the host of the meeting.

Can a Host Raise Their Hand?

Many hosts of the zoom meeting ask “Can a host raise their hand in zoom?” Usually, the host does not have this permission and only the participants are given an option. When a participant raises their hand in a meeting a small blue icon appears which will enable the host to view the list.

This list is prepared according to the order in which the hand was raised by a participant. They will appear on the top of the participant’s list.

How Do You Raise Hands In Zoom Youtube?

How Do You Raise Hands In Zoom Youtube
How Do You Raise Hands In Zoom Youtube

If reading the above-mentioned steps does not work for you and you are still confused about where to find the feature and how to use it then you can search “How do you raise the hand on Zoom on YouTube?” which will provide several videos explaining the working of the feature.

The videos will helps in an easier, faster, and better understanding of the working of the application. It is very important to learn about this feature as in online meetings it is one of the most important features.

How To Use The Raise Hand Feature?

The raise hand picture can be created as a participant of a meeting or webinar even virtually during a zoom call. This is done to signal the host that you have a question, comment, or need to be acknowledged.

To do so, you can click on the Raise hand option on the reactions list in the application and if by chance you change your mind afterward, the lower hand option is also available. Since in today’s virtual world, all the meetings are held via video and audio software, raising a hand before speaking is a courtesy.

If the host of the meeting sees someone raising their hand then they might stop in between and allow the participant to either comment or ask their questions.

When the meeting organizer is informed about this the hand icon turns blue and the text below to lower the hand also comes up while the hand is raised. The participant might change their mind and would want to lower their hand.

How To Raise Hand In Google Meet?

How Do You Raise Hands In Zoom Youtube
How To Raise Hands In Zoom Meetings?

Google meet has also introduced a feature that will let the participants raise their hand in meetings either to ask questions or to indicate that they want to speak. The feature comes in the form of a raise hand button that is located on the bottom of the screen.

A lot of users ask “how to raise a hand in Google meet?” which can be performed by pressing the raise hand button during a conference located on the bottom of the screen. If more than one participant uses the feature, the meeting moderator may be able to see the raised hands in order.

All the other participants are notified when someone raises their hand and the icon appears on the self-view of the participant too

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the raise hand feature in zoom are-

How to raise a hand on zoom keyboard?

A shortcut method using the keyboard can also be used to raise a hand while in a meeting. To do this, the participant needs to press the “Alt+Y” key on either of the systems and this will toggle the Raise hand option to ON or OFF. This method is easier, faster and helps the user to perform multiple tasks in a limited amount of time.

How to raise a hand in zoom new update?

Initially, the raise hand feature was included in the more option in the bottom toolbar which has changed in the recent update. Now, this icon has been shifted to the reaction list in the bottom toolbar as it is one of the most used reactions while in a webinar or a meeting.

Why can’t I raise my hand in zoom?

Sometimes while using a mobile phone, the participant might have to tap on the meetings option for the toolbar to appear otherwise the raise hand option will be missing. After clicking on the screen, the raise hand option comes up which is to be selected.


Since online meetings are the craze of recent times, a lot of questions have been asked about using the interface of video conferencing applications. “How to raise a hand in zoom?” is one question that is very commonly asked and has been answered in the article above.

Using the raise hand option might present a picture of someone raising their hand via the online medium. If you want to know more about the raise hand feature and its issues, then you can read the article above.

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