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How Will You Be Able Remove Comments In MS Word Document?

Microsoft word document seems to be very hazardous sometimes as you have to do track changes and markup certain areas. That is why, if you learn how to remove comments in word, you can maintain the quality of the document. You can also hide comments in word.

There are features in MS word by which you can remove comments from words all at once or you can remove them one by one. Also, you can hide the markup area in word.

In this tech article, you will learn how to hide track changes in words and many more things regarding the same topic.

Let’s begin.

How To Remove Comments In Word

As I have said before, you can remove comments in word by using two ways.

  • If you want to delete only one comment, right –click on it and then select ‘Delete Comment’.
  • If you want remove all the comments in one go, click ‘Review’ tab. Choose the down arrow on Delete option. And finally click ‘Delete All Comments in Documents’.

If you are wondering how to remove the comment section in word when printing, do it by this way.

  • Go to Review.
  • Then select Show Markup.
  • Go to Comments and then choose hide comments.

Hiding Comments In Word Document

In MS word, hide comments are a feature that you can use for so many purposes. Here’s the way how to hide comments in word.

How Will You Be Able Remove Comments In MS Word Document?
Hiding Comments In Word Document

MS Word: How To Hide Comments

  • Open MS Word Document.
  • Click the ‘Review’ tab.
  • Find out ‘Show markup’ and select it. Then select Track Changes section.
  • There will be a drop down menu. Find oud Comments and untick this option.

Removing The Markup Area In MS Word

How to remove markup area in a word? You can manage this by going to the settings of the Review tab.

  • Go to Review and then go to Accept or Reject.
  • Click on Accept all changes or Reject all changes.
  • In the Review tab, go to the ‘Comments’ group. Choose the arrow under delete. Now select ‘Delete All Comments in Document’.

Removing All The Track Changes In MS Word Document

In a Microsoft Word document, you can permanently remove or delete the track changes. Many of the Microsoft word users enquire about this particular question: how to remove track changes in a word?

Well, there is a particular way to remove or delete track changes in MS word documents. Here is the method to do that.

How To Remove All Track Changes In Word

How Will You Be Able Remove Comments In MS Word Document?
How To Remove All Track Changes In Word
  • You have to make sure that in your MS Word document, you can see the ‘Review’ tab of the Ribbon.
  • Now, you have to click on the down arrow which you can see under the ‘Track Changes’ tool or ‘Track Changes’ option.
  • You can see then an option ‘Change Tracking’. You have to choose it. You then will see that the Track Changing Dialog box is appeared on the screen.
  • Finally, you need to clean or untick the ‘Track Formatting’ Check box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid Of The Comments Pane In Word?

  • Open Microsoft word and go to the review tab in the menu.
  • From review tab, open ‘Comment section’.
  • Choose the option delete and then select the arrow. You will find an option ‘Delete All Comments’. Click on it.

How Do You Remove The Sidebar On A Word Document?

  • Open Microsoft word.
  • Go to the ‘Home’ Tab and then move to the section ‘Paragraph’ which is on the Ribbon.
  • Now, select ‘Show/ Hide’ icon.

Selecting that icon will hide or remove the sidebar.

How Do I Permanently Remove Markup In Word?

  • Open MS Word.
  • Go to the bottom end of ‘Accept’ split button and then click on ‘Accept All Changes in Document’.
  • If you see comments there, choose bottom end of ‘Delete’ spilt button and then select ‘Delete All Comments in Document’.
  • Disable the tracking option and save changes.

How Do I Hide Comments In Word?

  • Open MS Word.
  • Move to the ‘Review’ Tab.
  • Choose ‘Show Markup pane which you can see in ‘Track Changes’ section.
  • Untick comments.

To Sum It Up

I hope that this tech article has covered all the things that you wanted to know regarding hiding or removing comments. The newest version of MS word has come with a lot of features.

Hiding or removing comments is one of them and it is very useful for the users.

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