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How Can I Restore The Pages On Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is perhaps the most popular browser nowadays. If you mistakenly leave chrome, or if your PC accidentally shut down when you are browsing, even then you need not worry about how to restore pages on chrome.

Yes, you can restore pages on chrome or you can restore the previous sessions on chrome in some super- simple ways.

Being the most effective and efficient browser, Google chrome is completely hassle-free. Yet, some users don’t know how to reopen the last session on chrome.

Don’t worry. Read this guide carefully and you will know everything at the end.

Chrome: Restore Previous Session- An Easy Guide For The Users

As said earlier, you can restore the last session on chrome very easily. When we are browsing in chrome, we usually open so many tabs for our convenience.

Now if accidentally we leave Google chrome, all the tabs we have opened are closed too. You may think: how to restore pages on google or how to restore pages on google chrome.

Here is your step-by-step guide.

Chrome: Reopen the Last Session

  • At first, you should go to Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Go to the Utility icon.
  • When the list appears, choose Settings.
  • You will see another list. Find out on startup pages.
  • Among the options given there, choose to Continue where you left off.

Thus, google will automatically restore the pages where you left.

How Can I Restore The Chrome Tabs After Crash?

Several users ask this question- how to restore chrome tabs after crash? Well you can restore tabs on chrome by going along with the steps given below.

If your chrome is accidentally crashed or closed, as for shortcut, you need to press CTRL+ Shift+ T. it will immediately bring back all the recent closed tabs.

How Can I Restore The Pages On Google Chrome?
How Can I Restore The Chrome Tabs After Crash?

Here is another method. Open Google chrome and directly go to the 3 dots icon that is immediately next to your profile picture. The list will appear and you have to choose ‘History’.

It will show you the number of tabs that you have opened. Click on it and you will find the option restore. Simply choose that option.

Also, it is best for you if you turn on the sync option as well.

Similarly, if you are looking for the solution- how to restore pinned tabs in chrome, you have to follow the same way.

Just press together CTRL, Shift, and T buttons and all the pinned tabs of yours will be restored automatically.

Way To Restore Closed Tabs On Chrome: Mobile

  • Open chrome on your Android mobile.
  • Find out the 3 vertical dots icon which you can see at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the dots and choose ‘Recent Tabs’ from the menu.
  • You can see the tabs again on your phone.

Reopen: Closed Tab On Chrome- Disappeared

When you are using Chrome in full-screen mode, the toolbar will become hidden by the default settings. That is the common reason that the chrome tabs are disappeared.

Simply right-click on a blank space chrome and choose to reopen closed tabs. Also, press CTRL+ Shift+ T in your keyboard as for the shortcut.

How Can I Restore The Pages On Google Chrome?
Reopen Closed Tab On Chrome- Disappeared

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Open My Last Browsing Session In Chrome?

You just have to right-click on any blank area on the tab which you can see at the top of the window. A pop-up list will appear and you should select “reopen closed tabs”.

Also, you can press CTRL+ Shift+ T as for the shortcut. Your last browsing session will open again.

  • How Do I Restore My Google Chrome Pages?

You can press CTRL+ Shift+ T on your PC. Or, if you are a MAC user, you can press Command+ Shift+ T on your keyboard. Also, you right-click on any blank area on the chrome.

When the pop-up list appears, you simply have to choose to reopen closed tabs. That’s it.

  • How Do I Restore Closed Tabs In Chrome?

You have two options for that.
Simply right-click with the mouse on a blank area on the chrome bar. Select Reopened Closed Tabs.
On the keyboard, press Ctrl+ Shift+ T.

  • How Do I Undo Closing All Tabs?

In your Android, open Chrome.
Go to more options.
Choose Recent Tabs.

All your recently closes tabs will be reopened.

To Sum It Up

Google Chrome provides its users with this amazing feature of restoring the closed tabs. No wonder why the users love to use this particular browser.

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