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How To Set A Custom Status On Discord: Unveil More About Custom Discord Status!!

Are you willing to know how to set a custom status on discord? Well, there’s a line of information with everyone on each server. It can help users promote their social media channels, screen name, and other vital information that you are willing to share with everyone.

This guide will take you through some aspects of discord how to set custom status. But before that, you must know more about discord. It is one of the most popular communication platforms that was born out of necessity. Such a platform currently holds an incredible fan base which is more than 100 million active users.

The discord offers seamless communication tools like text chat option and VoIP on the user’s private server. The users can feel free to directly communicate with other users/ players on the server by using the discord mic. Such a fantastic feature is incredibly used by en number of different gamers globally.

Before discord’s massive fan base, it is used to offer only pre-defined status options like Idle, Online, invisible, do not disturb, and more. Discord has currently launched the discord custom status mobile feature, and it is readily available for everyone. We have given a detailed explanation of specific steps which is necessary to set your own customized discord status. Take a look below: –

How To Change Custom Status On Discord – Windows Or Mac

In order to set custom status discord, there are several simple steps available that can help you change your discord status to the custom feature via using a browsing application. The discord interface for Mac and windows is quite similar that people can follow in order to change the status. Have a look here: –

Step – 1: – for accomplishing the discord status change, you need to go to the discord official website or open up the discord application available on their desktop or the Mac. The users need to sign in with the credentials.

If you have the discord application installed on your mobile, you need to scan the QR code, which is present at the log-in page, and bingo! You will be able to redirect to the dashboard and get custom status discord premid

Step – 2: – once you’ve logged into your account, then you need to click on the profile picture icon, which is present at the left bottom corner, in order to open the menu.

change custom status on discord – Windows or Mac
change custom status on discord – Windows or Mac

Here, users can easily watch your current status and some pre-defined status options like invisible, idle, and do not disturb. To change the discord status now, you need to click on the last option, which says “Set a custom status.” This is how to customize discord status without hustling.

Step – 3: – the users can enter their custom status and select the time frame for the disappearance in the clear after selecting.

Here comes the desired step; you need to click on the save button present on your discord status, and it will be changed. This is how to add custom status in discord; these steps are easy and yet worth considering; you must give it a try.

That’s it my friends!! This is one of the simplest ways to learn how to get custom status on discord? If you are willing to use an emoji, then you can do so in the custom status option. If you want to keep an emoji as a status, then you can easily click on the emoji icon from the input box and select your type of emoji.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to change the default time frame for your custom status, it will disappear after 24 hours. With the help of such steps, you can also find out how to change your bio on discord mobile? The users need to follow the same steps and get the desired outcomes.

How Do You Get Custom Status On Discord Mobile? 

If you are using discord on the iPad or iPhone, several steps can help you change the default status, discord custom status not showing the issueor setting the custom status. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the desired outcomes. Take a look here: – 

  • The users need to launch the discord application on their iPhone or iPad.
  • After that, you need to click on the user icon present at the bottom of the right corner of the application.
  • Click on the set status option in order to select the default status or adding up your own status.
  • Once you are done with all this, then you need to set up the time frame for your customized status.
  • Press the save button, and the changes will be saved; then, you need to click on the exit the menu option.

How To Set A Custom Playing Status On Discord?

In order to do this, you need to run the game in the background and then open discord user settings. At the left menu, you will see the game name select it, and add it to the right side.

Manual addition can easily show the game name that you are present in the background. After that, you can quickly type whatever status you are willing to post in the message box.

How To Change Or Remove The Custom Status At Discord?

This is pretty easy to switch back to the default status options or to remove it. If the users have already set up the timeframe in the clear soon after the selection, it will disappear automatically. But it will get disappear when it exceeds the allotted timeframe.

Whereas, if you need to set it to don’t remove, it will not disappear until you delete/remove it from there. We have given some worth considering steps that you can follow to revert back to the default discord status. Have a look here: –

How To Change Or Remove The Custom Status At Discord
How To Change Or Remove The Custom Status At Discord
  • The users need to open up the discord dashboard from any application or web browser. 
  • After that, the users need to click on the profile icon, and then you need to press the” X” icon to change the status or clear it. 
  • The users can easily set their status online or any other readily available options for them. 
  • At last, they need to exit the screen and check if their custom discord status is set according to their preferences or not. 

We have compiled each possible information regarding the discord custom status when it comes with iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and Andriod. The steps elaborated above are quite simple, and you can easily prefer to consider them without any second thoughts in mind.

The Cessation!!

Finishing up, these are the exquisite ways that can help you to set your desired status on the discord by opting for the customized settings. The users can feel free to use mobile, discord application, or the web browser.


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