Are you tired of seeing the notifications from the different YouTube channels that you are subscribed to and do not know that you have the option to turn off the YouTube notifications? It is very easy and whenever an amazing video comes up, then the user can subscribe to the channel of the creator and can look forward to the next video. The more the user uses YouTube, the more interesting channels are discovered and the more one subscribes. HOW TO TURN OFF YOUTUBE NOTIFICATIONS CHROME?

YouTube is a smart application when it comes to the website and the platform remembers the search and watches history of every video one has played and displays the relevant videos for it and the user can also rewatch the old ones. It uses different methods and it keeps the user updated about the channels they are subscribed to.

The most common form is the notification from the browser and it can also be notified via email. Sometimes by mistake the user might click on the push button and it becomes very annoying with time and this article is a guide towards how to turn off the notifications from YouTube on different mediums.

How To Turn Off YouTube Notifications Chrome?

Many users complain about the notifications popping up on the browser abruptly and they want to stop YouTube notifications chrome and there are some ways in which the user can do it very easily. The process to follow to stop the notifications from coming up-

1. The first step is to open the browser on YouTube and sign in to YouTube and then open it in the browser.

2. Sign in to the YouTube account.

3. Click on the notification icon that is located in the top right corner.

4. Click on the gear icon.

5. The next step is to look for the general settings and toggle switch in the desktop notifications.

Following this step, the user can turn off the YouTube notifications on the chrome browser and it can be turned off in the same way at any time.


How To Turn Off YouTube Email Notifications?

If one is a regular user of YouTube they might have faced a problem of getting a lot of notifications that are sent on the phone or any other device via email and alert the user of all the new videos that are trending. This might be done by getting the push notifications on the device that tend to clutter the inbox. To stop receiving these emails there are certain steps that the user can follow-

1. One can easily stop getting the email updates from YouTube by using unsubscriber and this will allow not only to unsubscribe but also shows the list of the senders of the notifications that fill up the inbox with several marketing and newsletter emails. One can choose the ones who should be blocked and can be handled in one go. This is one of the fastest ways to manage emails.

2. The next way is to add an unsubscribing link at the bottom for any marketing emails through which the email preferences can be managed and one can remove and add the links as and when they prefer. Sometimes the user might have to set the preferences and log in again.

3. The unsubscribe link will take the user to the account page and on it, the notification preferences can be managed. In this, the user can choose from the different types of content that they prefer to follow and get alerts from the specific videos. After this process is completed, any unnecessary emails won’t be received and the user can live distraction-free.

How To Turn Off YouTube Notifications iPhone?


Turning off the YouTube notifications on i-pad or i-phone is a very easy task and the steps that can be followed are mentioned below-

1. Open the settings.

2. Go to the applications and then click on YouTube.

3. After that tap on notifications.

4. Tap sounds and badges.

How Do I Get Rid Pf Inbox Notifications On YouTube?

To get rid of the notifications on YouTube the user can follow certain steps that are mentioned below-

1. Go to the notification settings on the YouTube application and scroll down to the bottom after that click on “Do not send me an email” and then scroll back to the top to save the changes that have been made.

2. The other way is to hide the old notifications by clicking on the 3 dots on the left side and clicking on “hide the notification” or they can be turned off altogether by clicking on the ell icon and unsubscribing any of the channels that have been subscribed in the past.

How To Manage The YouTube Notifications Settings?

The YouTube notifications let the user know when the new videos have been uploaded from all the favorite channels that they have subscribed to from the other content. The application can send the notification for all the content that the user prefers and it is based solely on the interests of the user. To change these settings, the user might need to turn them off completely and this can be done by using the instructions below-

1. Before starting one should make sure that the application and its notification settings are all signed in through the right account.

2. To adjust the settings, the profile picture at the top right corner can be clicked on, and then click on settings and the notifications.

3. To adjust the android settings tap on the notifications and find “YouTube”.

YouTube is one of the most preferred applications and one of the most surfed on websites. Sometimes, it becomes irritating to receive the notifications again and again, and that too in the middle of some important work.



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