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Why Is Minecraft Not Responding

“Reality is broken but video games can fix it.” ( Minecraft Not Responding)

Who doesn’t like playing video games?

The perfect time pass when you have no one around to cheer you up. The perfect late-night partner when you are unable to sleep.

Not just that but video games are always weather proof. When it snowing outside and you cannot hang out with your friends, you can call them at your place to play video games while having some hot chocolate to keep you warm.

When it’s raining outside and your camping plan seems to be shifting to the next weekend, your troop can still play video games together while munching on some delicious snacks to save their weekend from getting spoilt due to the bad weather.

And when the temperature is rising outside, you can always spend the afternoon in your living room, sitting on the couch, having popcorn and drinks and playing video games with your siblings, right?

Aren’t these facts about video games? Always handy, always entertaining and always refreshing.

And on that note, we decided to update you on the most trending and popular video game that has the heart of every other gamer, the ‘Minecraft’.

Why Does My Minecraft Keep Saying Not Responding

Let’s continue reading and find out what’s there for you to know about your favorite game. After reading this whole treasure of information, you will become an expert in the following things;

                                             Why Is Minecraft Not Responding
Why Is Minecraft Not Responding
Why is Minecraft not responding?
How to fix Minecraft not responding?
Minecraft launcher not responding
Why Minecraft stops responding on start-up?
Minecraft 1.14 not responding
Minecraft 1.13.2 not responding

We know you are drooling over the information and cannot wait to grab all the details on them. Afterall, which gamer doesn’t want to be an expert in their favourite video game?

So, let’s begin your journey of becoming an expert by spilling the beans on Minecraft and everything related to it.

Once a Gamer, Always a Gamer!

Let’s begin with first things first, and to know what exactly is the first thing, you have to read below.

  • Minecraft not responding

Being a video game player, have you ever read on your screen that your game is not responding? You must have experienced it many times, right?

What about Minecraft? What do you do when Minecraft won’t respond? How do you tackle it? Do you get puzzled? Maybe heartbroken because now you cannot play your game?

Now the question is how to fix the Minecraft not responding situation? How to fix it and restore the game?

You will face this issue if you haven’t installed java. As you know, Minecraft is made with the java programming language and that is why you need to make sure your java is installed preferably in 64-bit.

And for that, you might also need to allocate more RAM and have to make sure that you are allowing Minecraft to run and perform.

After making sure that all the above steps are done, if your Minecraft is still not responding, then there can be an issue in your PC and not in the game.

So, your ‘why is Minecraft not responding’ issue can be sorted out if you update your java version or install it if you haven’t done it yet.

Now let’s understand a few more things related to the Minecraft not responding problem.

  • Minecraft keeps not responding

Even after performing the above given steps, is your game still not responding? And now you are anxious? Don’t be because we have more solutions listed below just for you. have a look at all of them.

  • How to fix when Minecraft keeps saying not responding?

Except for java, your windows are the main operating system on which the game performs. If your windows are outdated, there are again high chances that your game will stop responding due to the outdate/non update windows.

Now what should be done?

 Get your windows problem fixed asap, if you wish to resume playing the game, make sure that your windows are up-to-date and not pirated as well, so that you don’t have to face any more glitches while enjoying the game.

If you are playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you will no that there can be other start-up problems too, that one can face while playing Minecraft.

Let’s have a look at those problems and quickly discuss how to tackle them.

  • Minecraft not responding on launch

Has it ever happen with you? Your game not responding during the launch? What do you do in a such a situation? Restart your game or maybe restart your PC?

Doing these can help you temporarily but you need a permanent solution if you want to play your game without any interruption.

Well, gamers, in this case as well, there are two things that you have to verify. The same two things that we have mentioned above.

Make sure your java 64-bit is installed and your windows are upgraded. If you will not resolve this issue, you are going to face such problems every now and then.

However, you would like to understand it, weather Minecraft not responding on start-up or Minecraft launcher not responding, the only solution you have is to double check weather you have an updated version of java and windows or not and also to ensure they are not pirated.

How To Fix When Minecraft Keeps Saying Not Responding

Why Is Minecraft Not Responding
Why Is Minecraft Not Responding

Let’s Fix It!

So, tell us reader, how much do you like video games? A lot? And which one is your utmost favourite? 

Minecraft? Nice!

And when do you like playing it and with whom?

We are certain, this game, you must have played the game 24*7 so that you can stay and home.

One game after breakfast, two or three games after lunch and playing non-stop in the evening because evenings are not the same anymore. 

So, what you used to do when your game used to stop responding during those lockdown days? How do you fix the problem then?

Did you quit playing or you used to find temporary solutions until you find a permanent one?

Just like we keep learning new normal and accept various challenges, you have to learn how to fix your game permanently in order to stop being dependent on temporary repairs and also avoid being dishearten every now and then.

Now you must be wondering how you are going to do that? Is it even possible? And your answer lies below. Have a look!

Here are several steps and methods for you to clearly understand and perform when ‘Minecraft stops responding on start-up’.

Read them carefully and write them down for future reference, if required.

  • Minecraft 1.14 not responding

Here are a few things that you can perform when Minecraft not responding appears on your screen.

1. Disable discord overlay

If you think your game is not responding because of doing this step, then you are totally believing in the myths that are taking rounds.

Disabling discord overlay actually helps the Minecraft to fix and let it operate normally again.

2. Update your graphics driver

You must be aware of the fact that graphics driver helps and allows your PC to display the game correctly.

While there can be some other driver as well that needs to be updated, you must keep a check on that and also ensure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.

You can either manually update the graphics driver or opt for an automatic update. Also, automatic updates are more preferable.

3. Disable mods

While mods help’s you to have a better experience while playing if you enable them, they can also be the cause of Minecraft not responding.

Disabling them to fix the issue will be an appropriate step that you should take.

4. Remove incompatible software

Your antivirus can be another major reason behind your game not responding. The antivirus can act too protective and does not allow the game to operate.

In that case, you must check if your antivirus is causing problem and if yes, download the antivirus which will allow you to play your game while protecting your PC with other threats.

5. Run Minecraft as the administrator

Due to the restrictions imposed by the PC on several software for various reasons, Minecraft can be one of those who might not be able to perform openly due to the restricted usage of the resources it requires.

Running it as the administrator will let it utilise all the resources which it requires and to respond properly.

6. Reinstalling the game

The last and final thing you can do is uninstall Minecraft and then install it back again. If none if the above method fixes your problem, which is not quiet possible if you do them right, you have to do this last and final step so that it gets installed again and fixes itself.

Performing these small, not too much time consuming yet very effective ways will help you solve the Minecraft 1.13.2 not responding problem permanently and if in case, the problem arises again in the future, you will have all the knowledge about what needs to be done.

Catch Some More Important Information

We just done with discussing all kinds of ‘why does my Minecraft keep saying not responding’ issue, right?

We gave you all kinds of solutions and you read them thoroughly and obeyed us like a good reader.

We also got the insight on how you must have the update and corrupt free version of windows installed in your PC for your favourite game to perform properly.

And now, we just thought of sharing some more Minecraft + windows related information with you to make your work easy and to help you play your game without repetitive interruptions.

What say? Good idea, isn’t it? then come along with us and continue reading!

You must be wondering what exact software requirements Minecraft needs in order to perform and respond properly. And now after discussing all the ‘Minecraft not responding’ issues with us, you were going to find the answer to this question, right?

We though, why not provide this crucial information to our readers here only so that they don’t have to search of it everywhere.

So, presenting you, all the software requirements that your beloved game needs to stay with you.

Here are some minimum and some recommended requirements for the Minecraft that you need to know;

OS requirements;

  • If you are having a windows PC you need to have windows 7 or any other new version of windows to for the game to work properly. While windows 10 are highly recommended.
  • If its ISO OS X 10.9 Maveric is the minimum requirement while having OS X 10.12 sierra will be absolutely amazing.

Software and storage requirements;

  • For software, having latest version of the game will be recommended but if you don’t have that for any reason, Minecraft release 1.6 will do the job as well.
  • For storage, 4 GB SSD is recommended and if you don’t have that, you must at-least have 1 GB for game core.
  • For RAM, minimum 4 GB RAM will do the work while having 8 GB RAM is highly recommended.

GPU requirements;

  • Integrated, a minimum of intel HD graphics 4000or AMD Radeon R5 series with open GL 4.4 is required. And in discrete, Nvidia GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000series with open GL 4.4 will do the job.
  • Talking about the GPU requirements that are highly recommended, GeForce 700 series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 series with open GL 4.5, excluding integrated chipsets, will do the job.

So, wasn’t it a treat to know so much about your favourite game? 

All the do’s and don’ts and required and not so required details with steps and ways to configure your problem.

Don’t you think playing Minecraft will be much more exciting for you now, since now you have become an expert in the game?


There are several ways to configure and troubleshoot Minecraft. While the game does not make you do a lot of effort to play it, it won’t make any less as well. Just the right amount of care and fulfilling its minimum needs and voila, you can play your game whenever you want to without facing any issues and problems.

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Shashank Jain, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc.


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