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Phonto For Desktop

We all love to upload interesting and attractive images on our respective social media profiles. And, Phonto For Desktop to do that, we don’t miss to edit the pictures by using the best application available. But, tell us, isn’t it a struggle to hop from one app to another as each app has different services and features.?

Pretty annoying at times, right? But what If you tell you that there is an app with all the features available? We know what you are thinking, well everyone says that to sell, right! But, you know what, one part inside you, must be askin ‘Is this even possible?’ The answer is ‘VERY MUCH POSSIBLE!’ How?

Phonto For Desktop
Phonto For Desktop


Let us tell you about the evolution of technology. We have so many things that make our life much easier. The phone app is one of the great examples.

Phonto app?

Wondering, What is the Phonto app?

It is magical and does almost every kind of editing in a photograph. It can be used on android and IOS. It allows you to add an attractive text to your photos in any kind of handwriting and font. You can make a photo look 100 times more Phonto For Desktop attractive with the help of this app. It is basically a typography app which makes a photo look remarkable and lovely.

Features of Phonto app

We hope you are going to love the features.

You can easily change the font of your photo. There are almost 200 fonts available in the app. You can download more fonts also and install in the app. In this way there are countless fonts available in the app.
You can write anything in any part of the photo. You can change the handwriting, color, size according to your preference. Anyone can add text shadow in the photo.
· You can place text in any direction and further can easily rotate the direction of the text.
There is an option of changing the text background also.
You can fix the line spacing and letters spacing according to your choice

Phonto For Desktop
Phonto For Desktop

Want to download? But, do you have to pay?

Let’s know!

Is Phonto a free app?

The most common asked question ‘is Phonto a free app’? Let us tell you that Phonto is not a free app. You have to take its Phonto For Desktop subscription to run its every feature. Don’t be sad! The subscription cost is almost equal to zero. It charges very less to take its subscription.

It has three type of subscription plans:

Ad free version- $2 :In this subscription the app will not show any ad during the process of editing of the photo. You can do your work freely. If you do not take this subscription then, you may face lots and lots of ads while editing photos.
Phonto image pack- $2 : It is an image pack. You can easily insert these images into your original photo to make it look more attractive.
Text style kit- $1: This particular kit allows you to add more style to your kit. You can run the app even without a subscription.
But the non subscription version is too basic. To use the advanced Phonto and advanced features, you have to take the subscription. DECENT, ISN’T IT! Now, let know more about its usage!

Phonto For Desktop
Phonto For Desktop

Can You Use Phonto On A Computer?

The saddened truth is it is not really for computers and Macbook, but does thatPhonto For Desktop mean the technology now has its limits?

To be honest, NO!

As, when there is a will, there is a way!

With that, we have music to your ears!

There is a way of Downloading Photo for PC on Windows!
For this, you need to get the emulators such as Andy or Blue stacks. We have given the whole details to Phonto For Desktop install the Phonto app in different windows in the given section. Scroll more!

Download Photo for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Phonto For Desktop
Phonto For Desktop

The process of downloading a Phonto app in every window is the same. All the details stepwise is given below. Grab your PC and start the work. You need to download the emulators first to download the Phonto app on PC. There are two main emulators which Phonto For Desktop we have discussed below:


From your google or any search engine download the NoxPlayer first and install on the device.
These emulators run various apps inside them. You can say that with the help of these emulators your PC becomes a kind of mobile phone from apps point of view.

Once you are done open the NoxPlayer and search for google play store.
Inside the google play store search for Phonto app in the search bar.
Find it and press the install button.
When it will be downloaded it appears on the home screen.
Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded the Phonto app on your PC with the help of NoxPlayer.

Blue Stacks!

Download the blue stacks from google and install in your device. You can also use another source to download it according to your choice.

When it will be downloaded you need to double click on it to install in your device. After that you need to follow the instructions given on the screen and within a few minutes it will be installed in your PC.
Once it is done, click on the blue stack and open google store from it.
Search for the Phonto app from the search icon and install in your device.
Once it is installed you need to open it from the blue stack home screen.
Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Phonto app in your PC with the help of a blue stack emulator also.

See, the installation process is super easy.

If you have more questions in your mind, we have listed some questions that are being asken many times by users. So do check it out!

Phonto For Desktop
Phonto For Desktop


Why did I decide to download Phonto for PC?

Answer- Downloading Phonto app in mobile phone can be hectic because there are already so many apps in the phone. So, the phone can start hanging. Also, we all know that editing can be done best in PC and laptops only. So it is a very good idea Phonto For Desktop to download the app in PC.

Is Phonto app safe to download?

Answer- Phonto app is very safe to download in PC. It is virus free.

Does Phonto affect the quality of photo?

Answer- Phonto app does not affect the quality of the photo. The quality remains the same.


Pictures are important and a way of keeping memories safe and sound. Considering that, why not to use the best app for our precious memories. Afterall, you are about spreading smiles too.

So, get the affordable subscription of the best phonto app to edit the pictures on one single platform with all its pretty features and say ‘CLICK, EDIT AND GO!

Happy Picturing!
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