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Reviling The Meaning Of Unlimited Web Hosting

Anyone who plans to run a website is always drawn to points like, where to find the best or trusted web hosting. The search for reliable and unlimited web hosting provider continues until you aren’t completely satisfied. There are some hosting companies that make huge announcements about providing unlimited web hosting services but, in reality, they don’t. In this article, I’ll share my experience and some points regarding what company you can choose.

While I started working online, I found that there are many companies that offer unlimited hosting and this left me confused. So, I bought a hosting plan from one of the most reputed brands. My work was going smoothly, but later I found that for every more resource I was using, I use to pay for them. While, in the beginning, I was told that I will be getting free resources and services.

So, here is one thing I learned that everything is not free and everything is not unlimited. But, their cost was really high than the price I actually bought all the services, and lastly, I switched to other web hosting providers. This is the time, 2 years back I transferred all my database to MilesWeb.

After going through all their plans, I bought an unlimited web hosting plan. I will advise everyone, to talk to their experts before buying any plan. This is because their experts will understand your needs and will guide you properly to buy that you really require. I was about to buy a dedicated hosting plan, but their technical expert advised me to buy an unlimited web hosting plan, even though dedicated is costly than an unlimited one.

This, simply explains that they are trustworthy and you can definitely take good inputs from the team.MilesWeb is the highest rated web hosting company that has 4.5/5 points from Google, 4.7/5 points from Trustpilot, 4.5/5 points from HostSearch, 9.1/10 points from host advice, 4.6/5 points from searching, 4.6/5 points from HostReview, and many more.  This simple tells, their customers are happy with their services.

Whenever, you buy a cheap VPS plan, make sure you get unlimited bandwidth, so that the site can handle any number of visitors. All plans from MilesWeb offers you unlimited bandwidth at very affordable prices.The Swift and Turbo plans also offer a free domain and allows you to host 1 and unlimited websites respectively.

The other features of unlimited web hosting are :

  1. Unlimited SSD disk space
  2. Unlimited MySQL databases
  3. Unlimited Email accounts.
  4. Unlimited Mailing lists.
  5. Unlimited subdomains
  6. Unlimited domain parking

MilesWeb is a popular name amongst their thousands of customers like ETMoney, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Dabur, Fortis hospitals, etc.Their servers are built-in with strong partnership with big names like Cisco, Microsoft,  AWS, DigitalOcean , APNIC, etc.

Reviling The Meaning Of Unlimited Web Hosting
Reviling The Meaning Of Unlimited Web Hosting

Powerful features of unlimited web hosting

Some powerful features that you get with unlimited web hosting are :

1- Free SSL certificate

Every online shopper is concerned about the security of a website and without SSL a website can’t be kept secured. SSL certificate also increases the site’s ranking in search engine results.

2- Pure SSD storage

SSD storage accelerates the website’s speed by about 200 times making it perform as per the visitor’s requirements. All the sites hosted at MilesWeb are stored on servers with 100% SSD storage space.

3- Secure Email Accounts

The easy, quick and secured email access is provided with POP3/IMAP. You get the liberty to access your emails from anywhere at any time with the webmail facility. This webmail allows you to access three webmail clients: Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube.

4- 1–Click installer

Every website has different needs and thus applications running on them might also differ. 1 click installer that means Softaculous provided with every hosting plan allows you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

5- C-Panel control panel

The web-based graphical cPanel makes your work of website management easy. With unlimited web hosting, you will experience the ability to perform tasks quickly, easily and reliably. With cPanel you can create FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, etc.

6- PHP and MySQL

The plan comes with updated versions of PHP and MySQL software. Once you buy the plan and if the new update of these software gets out, then it gets updated automatically. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

7- Datacenter choice

Selecting a data center near to your business is considered as a best practice, as it helps to reach your desired audience. MilesWeb allows you to select a datacenter from their globally located centers during the sign-up process

8- Virus protection

The technical team is always there to protect your sites form all sorts of malware. Their databases are checked on a daily basis and if any threat is found, it gets solved immediately.Most of the time, unlimited web hosting is not what you think you will get. So, it is a wise thing, to check the features and services before buying any plan.

Conclusion :

While selecting any unlimited web hosting when you check the features and services offered, make sure you also compare the prices of different providers.

Sumit is Digital Marketer, Having knowledge about SEO, WordPress Developer.


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