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Spotify Can’t Play Current Track

Do you have Spotify installed and witnessing errors while trying to play songs? (Spotify can’t play current track )

Are you seeing popups like:

Spotify is not supported in this device,

Spotify can’t play this right now if you have the file you can import i

Spotify won’t play any songs

Spotify won’t play music or Spotify won’t go online,

If yes, here is a trouble and anticipate crashing of the Spotify system and your beloved playlist. 

The ascension of this error has persisted for a very long time and has caused trouble to a lot of mac users as well who had come across the “Spotify can’t play this right now mac” error. 

However, we are not here to put you in trouble box but to give you hand to jump out of the trouble by using the best ways.

So, keep reading this piece to save your playlist.

To begin with, let us take you through the issues one by one.

Spotify can’t play current track .

It’s n more an issue!

Here is a  list of solutions that have been taken from most technical officials across nations. 


  1.  Re-Start the device

 Restarting your device might solve a lot of your problems as the device can take off freshly.

So, in no time, take follow the path:

Save your data and everything that needs further recall and go on restarting your device and logging into Spotify. 

You are recommended to restart your device even if simply restarting Spotify does the job for some, there can be unseen disputes in the device which might not support Spotify activities. 

So, move ahead, take the next step!

  1. Clean Cache memory and reinstall Spotify

Clear the cache from all sections and reinstall Spotify!

Temporary files from your device are stored by Spotify in a time to ensure excellent performance and to offer you the best music streaming experience. The parts of song files that are stored by Spotify from your device remain untouched for a very long period of time which can make way to the cache which needs urgent removal. 

Uninstalling the Spotify app and why Spotify can’t play current track, clearing cache and reinstalling will do pretty the job for you. 

How to do?

  • Log in to your Spotify and go to account settings and click your way to ‘Show Advanced settings’.
  • The location where the cache is stored in the ‘Offline songs storage’ section which is your next task to find.
  • You need to delete all the data from the source and restart Spotify to tune in to your favorite music. 
  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\‘ this option on your desktop can be a simpler option to get rid of the cache by deleting it all at once. This guide is specifically useful for mac users.
  •  Lastly, you can consider restarting your device and updating Spotify to its latest version.

Now, lets get started with further issues that you could get!

Declining high-quality streaming

Spotify Can’t Play Current Track

If you want to stay away from unnecessary disputes in your Spotify, you can avoid high-quality streaming. 

The premium users are able to access high-quality music but if you are an ad-supported free user, what is your task? 

Please switch off high-quality streaming and for that, you need to follow some simple steps. In fact, if you were previously a premium plan user and later decided to switch back to free access, you cannot play songs downloaded while you were in premium. 


  • go to account settings in Spotify,
  • Get to the Music Quality setting and leave out high-quality, change to anything you want. 
  • After doing the basics, you can play songs without “can’t play the current track Spotify” error. 

Music can’t be played in your country

Now if you trip over a song that does not provide access to your area, then you are screwed. Some music is geographically limited and cannot be played globally. 

Some specific music can be played in the home country but access to other countries is restricted mainly because of copyright issues. Before exploring the music garden, you can cross-check if the music is available in your country. 

Usually, Spotify simplifies the job by fading out the song name and does not allow the user to click and play the song.

Turning off hardware acceleration

Turning off hardware acceleration has solved the problem of errors for some users. Hardware acceleration can be turned off from the account settings. 

If you want to know the process and haven’t tried out yet, here is how you can achieve it.

  • You again have to go to account settings and scroll down to ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • After you reach ‘Show Advanced Settings’, go to the Compatibility wing and you are supposed to turn off hardware acceleration. When you are done you can play music after restarting Spotify. 

            This process of avoiding errors has been effective for a lot of users in recent years. You can trust it too!

Accessing Crossfade

In music production, Crossfade allows a smooth transition between two music files. You may not know but Crossfade is a pretty cool way to move from one audio file to another smoothly without any obstructions. 

If this has already been enabled in your account, you can consider switching it off and if it’s the other way round, you can consider switching it off and see if the error occurs again.


  • As always, go to account settings and scroll down to “Show Advanced Settings on your Spotify app. 
  • Below the playback action, you can switch on the Crossfade option. Set the timer for 0 seconds and wait for the miracle to happen if you have not anticipated anything negative. 
  • If you had already enabled Crossfade, then you can turn it off and consider restarting the app and playing music as per your taste. 

If you haven’t fixed the errors yet then you can resort to the next steps to see if they work for you. 

Confirming about adequate free space and memory

It needs to be fixed that an adequate place is available in the device. If the user is using a personal computer or Mac laptop, then you can remove temporary files for getting more place. If the user may see “Spotify won’t play any songs” in the mobile device or computer device, Mac, it means the user needs to clear space for increasing the storage of the device. Spotify needs up to 1 gb free space for conducting it on device.

Moreover, you need to be sure that your device has an adequate place for running Spotify and to access its functions appropriately. For mobile users, it is better to free up to 250 MB of space, for running the functions of Spotify properly.

Logout from Spotify account

If you face issues in using Spotify, then you may log out from it and then login again for fixing the issues and can understand the problem about why the song is not playing. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to solve the issues in Spotify, so make a try.

By resyncing Spotify account

If you are not using Spotify for 30 days and not using the internet for a few time, then access the internet and resync the Spotify account. You just need to keep in mind that Spotify won’t go online. 

You can listen to music anytime offline, after downloading the songs from Spotify. However, you just need to access the internet for activating Spotify and within 30 days to resync your account and then get synced.

 This is how you can continue in enjoying to listen to the offline songs again and again. For your convenience, you can make a separate playlist to accumulate your favourite songs to listen to offline, by not accessing the internet. 

Another option is available for you on Spotify, you can modify your playlist by removing or adding songs to the list in order to resync it.

Making a connection to the appropriate playing device

Spotify provides all types of control in playing different types of music on other devices from different devices. The phones of other users need to use both of the devices from the similar Spotify account. 

The users and you both can access song controlling options, you can see the availability of the option, from the devices which have an internet connection. You just need to make a simple task that you have to sign in and then you will be offered numerous options for music. You just need to make sure that this device has the song in the list, which you want to listen to.

Final Words

Sometimes users may face some issues for playing current songs on Spotify and it stops working. Hope the solutions provided fic the issues of Shopify and let you enjoy your favorite music.

Happy Spotify Time!

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