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Square Enix Error Code I2501: How Can You Resolve This Issue On FFXIV?

Square Enix error code i2501 implies an error, created by the system itself to protect the account. The error code: i2501 generally indicates that the system automatically blocks your account and thus you can’t make payments.

This error occurs on the Square Enix platform while you try to launch the game.

Every day, a lot of Final Fantasy players report addressing this ff14 error code i2501. FFXIV error code i2501 tells you that the payment information you have put in is not correct. As a result, your payment can be rejected.

 Luckily, you can resolve this issue by doing some simple changes. This article will provide you with all the information about the causes of this issue and how you can fix this.

So, let’s begin.

Mog Station Error Code I2501- Know The Causes Behind The Error

Square Enix Error Code I2501: How Can You Resolve This Issue On FFXIV?
Mog Station Error Code I2501- Know The Causes Behind The Error

When you will be completely aware of the causes behind the FFXIV error codes. As is mentioned earlier that incorrect payment details can be the reason for this issue. But there can be other reasons too for error code i2501 mog station.

  • Using VPN:

Using VPN might cause the square Enix error code: i2501 free trial. It might be a general error but difficult to figure out.

  • Using Ad Blocker:

An Ad- Blocker can prevent the proper connection by preventing some features of the server. As a result, this error occurs.

  • Cookies Or Extension:

If a 3rd party application is on your computer can interrupt the FFXIV connection. Thus the Square Enix error code i2501 can occur.

  • Registering From Different Region:

Square Enix error code: i2501 account creation is an error that can happen if you try to register from another region. Perhaps the region of the key you are putting and the region of the account with which you are linked is not the same at all. Thus this error has occurred.

  • Cookies And Cache:

If your computer contains faulty or corrupted cookies, then this issue might happen. So, you have to clear those cache to get rid of the issue.

Ways Of Fixing The Square Enix Error Code I2501

Square Enix Error Code I2501: How Can You Resolve This Issue On FFXIV?
Ways Of Fixing The Square Enix Error Code I2501

Before going into the solutions, you have to take some precautions.

  • You need to disable your power adapter of the router.
  • Then, hold back of some times, turn on the adapter again.

FFXIV Error Code: I2501- Fix

Turn Off The VPN

  • Choose CTRL+ Shift+ Esc frequently. ‘Task manager’ will be opened.
  • Choose the entries of the VPN under “Process” and select ‘End Task’.

Turn Off The Ad Blocker

  • Choose the 3 dots which is at top right corner of the browser.
  • Choose ‘More tools’.
  • Go to the option ‘Extension’.
  • Find out ‘AdBlock’ and choose ‘Toggle’ to turn it off.

Clear The Cache And Cookies

  • Choose CTRL+H and then go to ‘Clear Browsing Data’.
  • Go to ‘Time Range’ and set it to ‘All Time’.
  • Tick the boxes ‘Browsing History’, Cached images and files’ and ‘Cookies and other site data’.
  • Now choose ‘Clear Data’.

Go To Incognito Mode

If you are facing the error on Google chrome while making the payment, switch to Firefox and go for the incognito mode. Many users said that they resolved the issue in this way.

Hold Back For 24 Hours

If you try too much to make payments and still faced the issue, you should wait for the next 24 hours. What is happening here is that you have been blocked for 24 hours. So you can try after the next 24 hours.

If you still face the error after trying all these steps, you should contact customer support. Send the email to them and the experts will tell you what to do.

While creating an account or registering a game you might get an invalid code and you can face FFXIV registration code not working on PC.

Let me tell you that registration codes are the 20 digit numbers and combined with numbers and letters with Upper Case. These codes are unique for the respective pages.

Keep in mind that these codes are invalid on the page of Item code redemption or vice versa.

FFXIV World Transfer Not Working- How To Fix

Square Enix Error Code I2501: How Can You Resolve This Issue On FFXIV?
FFXIV World Transfer Not Working- How To Fix
  • Go to ‘Additional Services’ after entering your Square Enix Account.
  • Choose ‘Submit Transfer Application’ under ‘Home World Transfer’.
  • Choose the character you want to transfer and select ‘Next’.
  • Select ‘Confirm’ after you select the world under ‘Destination Home world Selection’.
  • Now, select the Home world where your character is situated, in the section ‘Current Home world and Character Selection’.
  • Put the payment details and confirm the fees.

How To Connect FFXIV To Steam

Square Enix Error Code I2501: How Can You Resolve This Issue On FFXIV?
How To Connect FFXIV To Steam
  • Enter your ‘Mog Station’ by using Square Enix Account.
  • Go to ‘Your Account’.
  • Choose the service account in which you will register the code.
  • Go to ‘Enter Expansion Registration Code’ and read the instruction.
  • Now, choose Final Fantasy XIV online launcher and then sign in to Square Enix.
  • Now, FFXIV is connected to Steam and you don’t need to download the Shadowbringers manually. It will be downloaded spontaneously.


How Do I Fix Error Code I2501?

There are several ways by which you can resolve the error code i2501.

  • You can turn off the VPN and other delegate settings.
  • You can turn off the Ad blocker additions.
  • Try by clearing cookies and cache.
  • Hold back for at least 24 hours.
  • If the above methods did not work, call the customer support.

Why Is My Square Enix Account Suspended?

The Square Enix account can be suspended for a grave reason. Whenever a login from a new device is detected, the Square Enix account is automatically suspended for sometimes as a preventive measure. Also, this can happen when you try to open an account after a long time. Square Enix takes it as abnormal activities as thus the account is suspended.

How Long Does Square Enix Support Take?

Well, usually, Square Enix support does not take too long to reply. But, if there are a large of contacts, they can take some time to reply to you back.

How Do I Recover My Square Enix Account?

Here is how you are able to recover your Square Enix account.

  • Go to the Square enix Account management if you forgot the password.
  • Find out the option ‘Forgot Your ID or Password?’ You should choose that option.
  • Now, onscreen instructions will be appeared and you just have to follow them.

To Sum It Up

Are you using a VPN on your desktop or laptop? Well, in that case, the server of the Square Enix account will not be activated in that particular area. You can switch to any other region and try again. But, if this method fails, you can use Steam Pay.

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