Steam is a gaming platform for the users to buy, download and play games and they are usually encountered with a very common problem that is “steam error code 105”. After this message pops up another notification comes up that mentions that the device is unable to connect to the server. STEAM FRIENDS NETWORK UNREACHABLE

The reasons behind the display of this network are that the server is not in working condition or is not connected to the internet. If you’re a user who faces the same problem, the article below informs about the steam.

What Are The Probable Reasons Behind The Error Code?

The error code is very common and many users all around the world face this issue and the various reasons behind the error code are mentioned below. The most common message that is displayed on the screen is “steam won’t connect to network”. Some of the most common reasons-

1. The internet connection not working is a very common and probable reason and the connection of steam and server is low.

2. The error can also come up if the AdBlocker is not activated in the device.

What Are The Tips To Solve The Error?

Whenever an error code comes up due to which “steam friends network unreachable mac”- the message comes up, then several tips can be followed to restart the router entirely. These steps are-

1. The plug of the router needs to be plugged out and wait for some time.

2. The plug can be inserted again into the socket.

3. If the error continues to come up, the location of the modem should be changed and the other devices should be removed from the modem. This helps the devices to get a better signal.

4. Try to connect the device that is facing the problem to the modem through an ethernet cable, if the above-mentioned steps do not solve the issue.

Solutions To Fix The Error

Whenever the steam friends list not working then the users can carry out certain solutions. To have this issue fixed automatically on the device, it is important to diagnose and rectify any of the registry errors and it is recommended and any tool can be used to do all of this in a single click.


Solution 1

The first solution that can be used when the users get confused and start thinking “Are Steam friends offline?” then disabling Ad Blocker is a good solution. To disable Ad Blocker some steps can be followed-

1. The menu button on the top right corner of the browser has to be clicked.

2. The cursor needs to be placed on the More tools.

3. After that, the user needs to click on extensions.

4. The toggle button helps in disabling the AdBlocker Extension.

5. The PC can then be restarted and launched.

Solution 2

Uninstalling the Ad Blocker

If the error continues to come up then it can be uninstalled and the steps to do this can be followed-

1.Open the search button in the taskbar and type appwiz. cpl and open it.

2. The Ad Blocker application should be located and installed on the device.

3. After that, the uninstallation process should be carried out.

4. The PC can be restarted and steam can be launched on it again.

Solution 3

DNS Should Be Flushed

If the user is still unable to get rid of the error and DNS can be flushed from the command prompt. The users of reddit also face the issue that is team friends network unreachable reddit also complain frequently about the server.

1. The search button should be searched and the command prompt can be typed in the taskbar.

2. The icon that talks about Run as administrator should be right-clicked.

3. The command then needs to be typed and entered.

4. After following all these steps, the PC needs to be restarted and steam should be launched again.


How To Fix An Error During Adding A Friend On Steam?

If the error adding friend steam comes up while the user is trying to add a new friend to the list then they need to check if the user has been blocked. In the case of every user that joins Steam, they have certain limitations and one of the limitations is the inability to add friends. For the frequent users of steam and it is not working properly then the gaming day for the user is spoilt.

The above-mentioned solutions can be used to solve some of the common problems of the error. The gaming community of steam is dedicated to gamers and is not just limited to the issues. Most of the windows 10 users use steam to play games and one frequent problem that they face is that they are while adding a friend to the steam.

Solutions 1

To check if the user is blocked

If any particular user is blocked on Steam, then he/she cannot add them on steam until they are unlocked. To unblock any user from steam, some steps can be followed-

1. The steam profile can be opened.

2. On the right side, the friends’ list can be managed through the manage friends link.

3. Click on the blocked user’s tab and then locate the particular blocked user.

4. Click on the user and on the more button to unblock the communication.

5. Click on the yes button to unblock the user.

After a user is unblocked then they can be further added as a friend again and only the users who haven’t blocked each other can add each other as a friend.

Solution 2

Check the limit of the account

A security feature is implemented on steam that measures the security and privacy when steam friends network unreachable firewall and every steam user has a limited account. Every account has limitations which include the inability to add friends and to get a full account along with the features is to buy an entire game from the website.


Many people face the problem while using steam and that includes problems like adding a friend and the error code 105 coming up because of the server connectivity issue.


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