An American sales and distribution company, Ticketmaster is located in California and helps its users to book tickets for a large variety of shows like concerts, sports, theatre, family, and art.  It is a utility that is most commonly owned by people who need to buy or sell tickets to various shows. Some of the users of ticket master have recently complained about the ticketmaster error code 0002 coming up on their screen.

This article basically deals with some of the tried and texted fixes of the issue and also the most probable causes of the error coming up.

What Causes The Ticketmaster Error Code 0002?

Since the error code 0002 has become very common, the users are getting curious to know about the probable reasons for the error to come up. Some of the reason that can cause the ticketmaster error code 0002 issue are mentioned below-

1. The Proxy server

It might be possible that the user needs to consider the proxy services and the settings on the device at some point if they face the issue of the error coming up. The configuration of the server might have automatically changed after use for a long time. It is recommended, that to solve this issue, the user should disable the setting.

2. An issue with the browser

Sometimes, the reason behind not being able to buy the tickets of any particular show via Ticketmaster is that the browser might be facing some issues from the provider. In such commonly occurring cases, the user can switch to a different browser temporarily until the issue with the previous browser is solved and check whether doing this fixes the problem.

3. Cookies and Cache

In many cases, cache and cookies that are stored in the browser automatically may cause the problem while making the connection to the browser. In this case, the user might need to clear all the previously store cache data and restart the browser again. Clearing the data may not necessarily solve the issue but a backup copy of the data remains in the device.

4. Using a Public Network

If the Ticketmaster application or website is being used over in school. College or any other public place, then also the possibility of the error coming up increases. This is because sometimes in public areas, there are restrictions on certain websites which are administered continuously and can’t be used.

5. Ticketmaster may be down

Sometimes the issue can also arise if the servers of the application itself are not working. It can either happened when there is a lot of traffic on the website or else when there is some technical issue with the website.


The above-mentioned reasons are some of the most probable reasons behind the Ticketmaster error code 0002 may occur and the ways to fix this error are also mentioned further in the article. However, these might not be the only reasons that may cause the issue. If there are some other technical problems with the device or the website or browser, the issue may still persist.

Fixing The Ticketmaster Error Code 0002

Before going into the detailed solutions that can be used to resolve the issue there are some simple ways that the user can try. These are-

1. If the user has encountered the error for the first time then they can resubmit the request and try again to see if the error still persists.

2. Multiple browsers should be avoided while using TicketMaster or multiple tabs that are being used should be closed.

3. A public network can block the user to connect to the website.

4. Log out of the device before going into the Ticketmaster application and then log in from a single device.

5. The cookies on the browser should not be blocked and the user should check it time and again.

6. The bank account credentials, if changed, should be updated on the account, and then the user can try to book the tickets again.

The various troubleshooting ways that the user can use to resolve the coming up of the error code are-

1. Logging in to the Ticketmaster again

a. Go to the home screen of the application while navigating and then sign out of the account entirely.

b. After this click on the “X” button on the right corner of the browser to close the browser.

c. Then press the “Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ keys and then simultaneously open the “Taskmanager” and go to the processes tab.

d. Select all the processes that are related to the working of the browser and then end all the tasks one by one.

e. Launch the browser again and log in to the ticketmaster account to check if the error is still coming up while buying the tickets.

2. Disabling the proxy servers

a. Press the Windows key along with R and then a run box opens up. The user then needs to navigate to the Control Panel.

b. After that, navigate to the “Network and Internet” option and click on the Internet options,

c. Click on the Connections tab and open the LAN settings.

d. Uncheck the parallel located box and use a proxy server for LAN and then click on OK.

e. After applying all these settings, the user needs to check whether they can buy the tickets or the error code 0002 still comes up.

3. Clear all the cache cookies because of the browser

a. Click on “Ctrl+H” on the keyboard and open the browser history and select on the browsing data from the left pane.

b. Set the time range to all time and check the boxes that are located parallel to the browsing history. Also, “Cookies and other site data” and cached images and files need to be clicked on.

c. Clear the data by clicking on on the “Clear data” button and check if the issue is solved or it still persists.

4. Changing the browser

Sometimes the ticketmaster error comes up because of some server error in the browser and or some temporary glitch that comes up during the working of the browser. If the user uses the same browser every day for surfing then the user might try to use their Ticketmaster account on a different browser.


It is suggested to Use Ticketmaster in a different browser and then check if the error persists. For instance- if the user came across this error in Google chrome then they can switch over to Mozilla Firefox or UC browser and try to use the Ticketmaster application by logging into the account.

Some of the other solutions that can be tried by the user are to switch to another smartphone and try using the application in it. Sometimes the device also has some technical issues due to which the user might not be able to access Ticketmaster.


The issue of “ticketmaster we are unable to process your request on this device” is very frequently observed and is very common as many people have started switching over to using this application. Therefore, there are many ways in which the user can understand the causes and the ways to fix the error code 002.


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