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Tips to Reduce Restaurant Order Errors

Going out to eat is a special occasion for everything in the restaurant. The last thing you want to do is ruin their night by sending them the wrong food, so it is crucial to eliminate order errors in your restaurant. This should not be too hard to do if you take the right measures.

Electronic Point of Sale System

It is finally time to get rid of handwritten orders in the kitchen. All the chef has to do is misread the writing of a waiter to mess up an order. This simply will not happen when using an electronic point of sale system.This works by having the waiters enter orders into the computer system. An order ticket is then automatically printed in the kitchen. You can have the waiters enter the orders in the back of the restaurant or enter them right at the table using a tablet.

Tips- to -Reduce -Restaurant -Order -Errors
Tips- to- Reduce -Restaurant -Orders- Errors

Use Highly-Trained Staff

The success of every restaurant kitchen is determined by the training of the staff. It is impossible to have an efficient kitchen if the staff is not properly trained. Even if you are hiring highly qualified employees, you still need to spend a day showing them how everything works in your restaurant.All of the staff also need to know the menu like the back of their hand. This will eliminate the chances of order errors while also helping the diners find the best meal for their taste.

Eliminate Menu Substitutions

Menu substitutions are one of the leading causes of errors in the kitchen. The chefs are trained to cook the food the way it is listed on the menu. It can also be difficult for the waiter to fully describe what the customer wants on the ticket.Avoid this confusion altogether by eliminating menu substitutions. In addition to eliminating errors, this will also help the kitchen staff perfect every dish on the menu.

Double Check Everything

The kitchen staff has to work as a team in order to operate at peak efficiency. If everyone is working together, then a bad dish should never leave the kitchen. Someone should always double-check the plate before it is handed to the server. This verification is even more important when the order is going into food lockers for pickup and not being taken to a table by the server.

Use Smaller Menu

A restaurant menu should never be more than a few pages long. A huge menu makes it hard for the chefs and waiters to remember everything. If the staff is unable to memorize the menu, then mistakes are bound to happen.

A smaller menu also improves efficiency and food quality because the chefs only have to focus on a few things at one time.Consistency is the key to every good restaurant. The customers need to know they are going to get exactly what they want every time they step into the dining room. You will see your order errors disappear by just implementing a few of these tips.

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