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The Top Reasons Why Your Washington Business Need Managed IT Services

If you want to improve your business’s technology, Managed IT Services are the way to go. There are several companies offering managed IT services in Washington that can help you can take advantage of all the latest technologies without having to worry about maintaining them yourself. This can free up your time and resources so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

By partnering with a reputable managed IT services provider, you will be receiving more than simply software updates and PC repairs – you will be receiving peace of mind!

What are managed IT services?

Washington Business Need Managed IT Services

Information technology solutions that are handled by an outside firm and provided through cloud-based software, known as managed IT services, often monitor your systems 24/7. They also include proactive support so issues can be fixed before they become big problems, as well as troubleshooting and repair services.

Here are a few examples of what managed IT support can do for you:

  • Remotely monitoring and managing your network
  • Installing collaborative tools such as video conferencing
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Server management and monitoring
  • Virtual machine management
  • Beefing up cybersecurity measures

What are the key benefits of managed IT services to your company?

Better cybersecurity defenses

Concerns about cybersecurity are on the rise among businesses, as attackers continue to find innovative methods to gain access to private networks where they steal sensitive data and proprietary business information. According to a 2020 Ponemon Institute study, 66 percent of organizations in the world have reported being hacked in the last year, with 76 percent of respondents based in the United States.

The most common reasons for data breaches in businesses are security vulnerabilities, phishing scams, insider threats, and ransomware attacks. As attacks become more advanced, businesses must implement strong cybersecurity protocols.

Cost reduction

Small and mid-market businesses frequently shift funding around to meet unanticipated expenditures while also meeting the demands of the business. This might cause a leadership to urge staff to find ways to strategically finance key business sections like IT.

Managed IT services providers can help slash an organization’s costs related to line items in their typical IT budget, including hardware, network infrastructure, and maintenance. MSPs assess an organization’s needs and then craft a package of services that is much more predictable for the company’s spending.

Managed IT services can be cheaper than hiring and maintaining your own IT team. There are also charges associated with training and maintaining IT resources up to date on the most recent technologies and strategies, in addition to pay rates and benefits.

Access to the latest technology

Every day, technology improves in sophistication and complexity, making it hard – and costly – for many companies to keep up. When working with an MSP, businesses can utilize the provider’s ITSM toolsets to ensure higher uptime and productivity, resulting in increased profits. By doing this, a business saves money that would otherwise be spent on ticketing systems, asset tracking devices, reports mechanisms, and so forth.

When a business uses an MSP’s cloud servers, they can save money since they don’t need to run their own internal servers. Plus, the MSP will take care of maintaining the software and providing other upgrades.

When it comes to information technology, MSPs are the experts. They will assist their clients in navigating the changing landscape and making recommendations on required technologies and solutions, such as backup and disaster recovery and network security, to protect important assets and ensure long-term success.

Year-round monitoring

Now, picture this: it’s after midnight, and you’re finishing up the last details of a very important presentation when all of a sudden, the server completely crashes. Your in-house IT team has long since gone home for the night.

With managed IT support services, your MSP is always on the job. In fact, the network is less likely to fail because an MSP can detect and resolve network issues before they happen.


In conclusion, MSPs can act as a business’ one-stop shop for IT needs or they can supplement in-house teams to make the organization run more smoothly.

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