A spoofed phone call is one where it says that the call is coming from a specific name, number, person but when it comes on the screen it is coming from an entirely different phone number, It is very difficult to identify whether the number us spoofed or not and tracing the number or person is also a very tedious task. TRACING A SPOOFED PHONE NUMBER

Spoofing by individuals is very easier and it has generated mistrust among the customers as they cannot always trust the caller ID, Often a reverse caller ID causes a redial to the number by spoofing and not to the actual number that is behind the call.

What Is A Spoof Number?

Call spoofing via a number where the caller sends false information of the caller ID and is done majorly over the voice over the internet. This is done to transmit calls over the internet and the person can choose their number or name that is to be displayed while spoofing and setting up their account.


Some of the providers have offered certain spoofing services that work in a prepaid format and they pay a PIN code to use the caller and allow them to select the destination numbers that they want to call and the one that appears on the recipient’s end.

How To Uncover A Spoofed Number?

No complete and accurate way helps in detecting or uncovering a spoofed number but some ways help in giving a fairly good idea about what is going on the recipient’s end and may help to catch the spoofers. Some of how this can be done are-

1. Googling the phone number or a basic web search for the number that is being called and cross-reference the caller. This helps in detecting a scammer and this won’t help in figuring out the company and spoofing the number but can catch people who are spoofing the local numbers. This is called neighbor spoofing.

2. Call the number back that is calling and while the person is online call another number. If the line comes out to be engaged then this is proof that they are calling from the same number that they are saying.

3. Call the company and confirm the legibility of the number if the caller claims to be from any particular company. Look up the official number and ask them about the confirmation of the number.

4. Use an application that is available on both iPhone and Androids like True caller that help the recipient by alerting them to call from the numbers frequently used by the scammers. The people behind the scams use spoofing while making called and can be effective but not fool-proof.

There is no easy way to uncover the spoofed number but the advancement of technology does show the ways to do so without leaving a trail. It is possible that the spoofer might be tracked down by a phone carrier and low enforcement can begin the investigation and consumes a lot of time. If one talks about legitimate business reasons then this can be done within the rights and the number showing the caller ID can be disclosed. Some people prefer giving out the real numbers if they plan to stay in touch.

How To Trace A Fake Text Message Number?

All that the recipient is required to do in such a condition is to call the technical support of the device and ask them to send a report of all the incoming messages from the number and the cellular operator. The support of the operator helps in revealing the content provider of the message and then may deny doing that but it depends on the recipient if they can take out information.

One may appeal in court depending on the seriousness of the message and those who do not know the message can add the number to the blacklist for the sender.


If the purpose is to block the sender then the recipient can ask the technology supported to block the content from the operator’s side. No more SMS will then come from the particular number.

How To Trace A Fake Phone Number?

How to detect a spoofed number?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. This is one of the most frequently asked questions but unfortunately, no silver bullet to this problem is available. Although tracing of the number is possible with the help of satellite signals but is not an easy task, The advent of Voice over IP phone systems and ID spoofing has made it all the more difficult to trace any real-time contact.

Privacy of the recipient is also a major concern and exists only in the cases of legitimate lookup services, One of the causes that make tracing a fake number difficult is because it is unlisted and it beings the recipient to the fact that they should be aware of such numbers or calls coming from them.

If the recipient received a missed call but is unable to recognize the number then they can get frustrated and even present some dangers in situations where they are unable to reach the number from which the call came. To trace the calls and numbers there are many different ways but the danger lies when with a multitude of fake lookup websites, the person needs to publish their details and make them public. This requires money and that too via credit card which makes the recipient prone to some illegal stealing via the information. One of the most commonly asked questions is “how to trace a fake phone number?” There are several different ways to do so-

1. Search the number on certain websites

Instead of wasting time in finding out a legitimate reverse lookup service, a reliable source can be a who website in which the other comments that tell if they have been spammed by the same number are readable. This information can further be used to identify whether the callers are legitimate or not. TRACING A SPOOFED PHONE NUMBER

2. Googling the phone number by typing it on the search bar is another simple method. The only pre-requisite is to include the area number and it will do several things, If the recipient is unable to find the i9nformation via websites like who then they have to Google the comments or the legibility of the number. If it is a telemarketing number then there is a chance that there is an accepted social media profile of the company and the contact information from there can be noted. Some additional searching can be done on different websites then.


3. Using a legitimate database depending on the country the recipient is living in is also a very considering factor. TRACING A SPOOFED PHONE NUMBER

Why My Phone Number Is Being Spoofed?

The legality of call spoofing depends on the situation. Sometimes in certain situations, this becomes necessary like if the doctor displays their office number in places where their cell number is required is legal. A company might have to display a toll-free number rather than one-hundred different numbers. A person who is traveling from work might not want to make their home office number public and may have to spoof the number.

In these kinds of situations is it necessary to spoof numbers.

The sign which confirms that the number is being spoofed is if multiple calls or SMS regarding something unnecessary come up and it is bothering the recipient for a long time. If the contact has never come up before then probably the recipient is being spoofed.

How To Spoof A Phone Number?

Some great applications make the spoofing of the number very easy and convenient. Spoof Card is one of the applications that help in spoofing the phone number and has an online application for the same both for IOS and Androids. The free spoof call is available only for 60 seconds and is limited to a specific geographical area.


Most people think of spoofing as only telemarketing spoofing which is a misconception as in some of the cases the reason to spoof the number might be legible. This is what is discussed in the article and it helps the readers understanding spoofing better.


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