Firefox is a very popular browser all around the world and it is the primary choice for users who don’t prefer chrome. Whenever any user wants to switch over from chrome, they use firefox and it is up there on the recently published list of the top web browsers. One very frequently observed problem in recent times with firefox is the twitter gifs not playing firefox issue. THE TWITTER GIFS NOT PLAYING PROPERLY IN THE ANDROID AND FIREFOX

This issue arises when firefox or any other android browser is unable to play the animated gifs from Twitter. Sometimes, the only browser that poses a problem is firefox while on the other browsers, the gifs work well.

There are several different reasons due to which the problem may arise and get triggered. The gifs not playing in firefox is a very common issue and the article below mentions the various solutions that can be opted by the user in case of facing the issue. These steps may help to erase the problem entirely though they need to be performed with care so as to avoid any probable mistakes.

What Causes The Twitter Videos Not Playing Firefox Issue?

Some of the most important and probable reasons which can cause the issue are very important to know since the issue has become very common. The users need to know the reasons to take the necessary steps to prevent the issue from coming up again. The most common causes behind the issue coming up are-

1. The cache is corrupted

The cache that the router builds sometimes needs to be cleared because it can get corrupted with use over time. It can be causing issues with the Twitter videos and gifs not playing on the browser.

The cache that is deleted also gets regenerated by itself and therefore no data will be lost. This reason also encourages the users to clear the cache without worries.THE TWITTER GIFS NOT PLAYING PROPERLY IN THE ANDROID AND FIREFOX

2. Any hiccup on the internet

The internet service can also face degeneration and degradation which can cause the gifs not to work properly on Firefox. One can restart the browser and perform a clean start right from the router and this issue can be fixed by launching the configurations again after the router gets restarted.

3. Issue with firewall

If the firewall of the device is also not switched off ten the browser may cause Twitter to not load properly. The issue of the gifs not playing and the videos stopping while playing may get triggered because of the firewall.

4. The Add ons

The add ons of the browser may also cause the configuration of the browser to disorient and may prevent the gifs from playing. To fix the issue, the add-ons need to be disabled in the safe mode and the user needs to check continuously if the issue is fixed.

5. Blocking the advertisements

Many times the different websites show numerous advertisements which can be blocked by the user. Some of the software like Adblock may also prevent the gifs from loading on the device. Such software can be disabled while the browser is being used and the issue can be fixed.

6. The acceleration hardware

The hardware acceleration on the browser if enables may also be able to disable the browser leading it to not play properly. The driver and hardware configuration catalyzes the issue and therefore they should be rectified.

7. If the flash is disabled

Sometimes the Flashplayer is disabled on the browser which causes the issues while loading the content. It should be enabled and then the user can check if the issue is fixed.


The above mentioned are some of the primary reasons for the twitter gifs not playing firefox issue. Also sometimes, while playing the videos on Twitter another issue comes up which is twitter videos white screen coming up which means that when the user tries to play the videos on Twitter then a white screen comes up which causes the entire device to hang. Many solutions can help in eradicating the entire issue.

How To Solve The Twitter Gifs Not Playing Android Issue?

The most simple ways in which one can resolve the issue are by refreshing and restarting the device which basically solves almost all the issues. When the gifs are not working then the user can press the “Ctrl +F5” keys to refresh the page. After the page is refreshed entirely then the gifs may be played again.

The user may also need to restart the browser entirely and then after a few seconds to check if the issue gets solved. Some of the troubleshooting methods to solve the coming up of the issue are-

1. Performing the power cycle again

a. The first step is to disconnect all the devices from the router and then the ethernet cable that is plugged in has to be removed.

b. The router than can be unplugged from the power source and then leave it in the state for three to four minutes.

c. The modem/router can then be reconnected and the internet settings have to be connected to the “Home network”.

2. Working in the safe mode

a. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser has to be double-clicked and then click on the horizontal lines that appear on the right corner of the screen.

b. Click on the help option from the menu and restart the process after disabling the addons.

c. Start the safe mode and try using the gifs again on Twitter and check if the issue is resolved.

d. Alternatively to the above-mentioned way, the user can also hold the “Shift” key and then launch the browser again in the safe mode.THE TWITTER GIFS NOT PLAYING PROPERLY IN THE ANDROID AND FIREFOX

3. Clearing the cache

a. Open Mozilla Firefox through the icon on the desktop and then click on the horizontal lines which are located on the screen.

b. Click on the options from the menu and select the privacy and security option from the panel.

c. Scroll right down to the cookies and data section and clear the entire data.

d. After clearing the data restart the entire browser.


4.  Reinstallation of the updated version

a. The windows + R key helps to open the run prompt and in the search bar the user needs to type “appwiz. CPL”. After that press, the entre key and open the programs and features window.

b. After that search for the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on it to uninstall it from the context menu and then close the window.

c. download and install the latest update of the browser through the instructions on the screen.

d. After the browser is installed, login to the previously made account and browse to Twitter to check if the videos and gifs are working properly. This method will solve the issue easily.

5. Disabling the firewall for the time being

To disable the windows defender firewall there are certain steps that the user needs to follow which are mentioned below-

a. Press the “Win+R” keys on the keyboard and open the control panel search box.

b. After this, select the large icons from the drop-down menu and locate the defender firewall.

c. On the left side, select the turning on firewall option and click on-off.

d. The box that is located parallel help to change both the private and public network settings and will inform the user whether the firewall is switched off.

To disable any third-party antivirus or protective application that is installed in the device the steps to follow are-

a. Click on the ^ button in the taskbar and click on the Avast antivirus security icon or any other antivirus that is present in the device.

b. Hover around the shield control and disable the antivirus permanently to disable the working of the software.

Mentioned above are some of the ways through which the user can get rid of the gifs not working on twitter issue. There are many other ways to resolve the issue that are available on different websites and can be used by the users. Thus with the increase in the popularity of Firefox and Twitter, it is very common that there would be some issues that will be faced by the users but how easily these can be resolved is what matters.


If the fixes mentioned above do not work then there is a possibility that the error is present on the user’s side of the browser and not on the service provider’s side, The most suited situation in the case is to switch over to using another browser like Google or Safari. This will most likely resolve the issue of browser firefox play animated gif issue.

The above fixes and solutions will take the user through the entire process of the most probable reasons behind the issue and the easiest ways to resolve the same. If the issue still exists, the user can contact the service providers of the browser and their technical team will be available to help and rectify the problem.


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