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What are Some of the Apps for SharePoint?

SharePoint is a renowned document processing and management system that was developed by Microsoft. Businesses and other organizations use SharePoint for collaboration and document management and so on. The system comes with a wide range of applications. including the Office 365 suite.

Some of the functions that you can use SharePoint for are uploading your documents to the cloud for easy access. Other features s include sharing documents, creating team sites, and so on. However, SharePoint comes with a host of incredible apps. These include:

Word to Wiki

If you like to publish documents, this is an app that allows you to do it. The SharePoint document library hosts it. And the best part is that it is compatible with documents. For this reason, you can publish your Wiki articles without any problems.


Sometimes you want to invite your colleagues to a particular event. MeetSweet is an intuitive app that allows you to do so. With this application, you are not limited to inviting colleagues only. You could also bring along customers and outside partners to the office setting.

Some- of -the- Apps -for -SharePoint

Documents Shared with Me

The depth of the apps for SharePoint is amazing. For instance, you may have a myriad of documents scattered across various sections of the platform. And when your employees are collaborating on multiple projects, they are likely to share multiple documents and folders.

 In such situations, losing track of documents is always a possibility and, without a proper search system, your team members will waste a lot of time tracking down important files. Documents Shared with Me is an app that solves this problem. It has a sidebar that displays the files and documents that your team is working on. The goal is to grant easy access to all documents or files. But besides that, it also comes with a search bar to help you find documents.

My Locations

My locations is another useful app in the Microsoft SharePoint war chest. It allows you to integrate maps into your team’s page. While at it, you can take it a notch higher and tag your company’s branches.


Chart is a unique application on SharePoint. Its major function is to display stock data in conjunction with other apps for SharePoint and resources such as Yahoo finance.

Youtube Feeds

The world is gravitating toward more visual content every other day. YouYube feeds is an incredible free SharePoint application. It can fetch your videos and arrange them in the form of free-flowing slides. Moreover, it comes with many slider options allowing you to perform different functions.

My SharePoint Sites

SharePoint is a tremendously secure document management and collaboration system The My SharePoint app is an application. However, you might have a long list of authorized sites that will give you a headache to manage. My SharePoint Sites helps you to manage them with the utmost ease. It is an application that displays all authorized sites in an organized way. As a result, users can get connected to these sites with one click.

Think of SharePoint apps as a support system in your daily tasks. Most importantly, most of these apps are extremely will come in handy when working. You only need to identify the apps that will make your work easy and take full advantage of them.

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