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Amazon Digital Charge Guide: Information Worth The Read!

What is amazon digital charge Whenever you take any subscription from the list of services that Amazon provides, you have to pay a membership charge for it.

Charges which get deducted from your credit card under the name of Amazon Digital Services Charges seem to be from Amazon, but it’s not Amazon every time.

The list of services that Amazon offers are Amazon Drive, Prime Channels, Kindle Unlimited, Music Subscriptions, and Audible among others.

Although, these subscriptions are easy to figure out from the credit card transaction list.

You may see some other deductions too under the name of Amazon Digital Charges which are tough to figure out, right?

The very thing that pops up, What Is Amazon Digital Charge? Is this a SCAM?

It’s obvious to have this, but it’s not exactly what you think.  This good read has all queries resolved in one single read. So, Let’s Get Started!

All About Amazon Digital Services Charge

To begin with, you must be curious to know What Is Amazon Digital Services Charge?

Let’s find out!

In simple terms, you can use Amazon paid services for a full-time membership plan that can be either monthly or yearly.

Amazon Digital Services Charges includes all Amazon service fees from entertainment, education and software tools.

And hence, Amazon Digital goods charges vary from product to product and on subscription time too. However, when you have an Amazon Prime subscription, almost all other service charges get reduced for you.

Amazon Digital Charge Guide: Information Worth The Read!
All About Amazon Digital Services Charge

Besides, AMZN DIGITAL 888-802-3 SEATTLE WA is the most common Amazon Service charge which confuses almost everyone.

Actually, this is a subscription charge for Paramount after you forget to cancel your 7-day free trial.

But, do you know some Amazon services subscriptions are not offered by Amazon, sounds impossible, right?

Well, it’s true.

You may not figure it out easily, because it’s a Scam. Here’s everything about it!

Amazon Digital Svcs 866 216 1072 Wa Scam:

What if we say it’s a SCAM? Yes, it’s a Scam!

You may be wondering why an amount is being deducted in the name of Amazon-Digital-Svcs-866-216-1072-WA charge from your credit card.

It’s tough to spot a SCAM very first, but with correct go through and in-depth analysis it’s easy. And we are here to help you figure these scams in just one view.

You might have complained about this SCAM to Amazon, but the problem is Amazon Service won’t be helping you here. Although, there are ways to prevent this deduction in future below-

Firstly, let’s see-

Why This Happens:

Whenever you do online shopping or buy something online there’s a high chance this Amazon-Digital-Svcs-866-216-1072-WA scam targets your credit card.

No, that doesn’t mean your transactions are not secure or you are on hacker’s sight, it’s a business service scam.

How To Solve:

It’s quite easy to prevent this Amazon-Digital-Svcs-866-216-1072-WA charge deduction, just move to your Memberships and Subscriptions page on the Amazon website and then click on the Manage Subscription button.

After this, cancel all those subscriptions which you haven’t subscribed for.

You may have heard or have seen a popular figure of $9.99, $0.99, $99 as Amazon Digital SVCS charge. Possibly, you might have seen this in your credit bill.

So, what actually this for, let’s find out-

Amazon Digital Svcs Charges

Getting directly into the fee structure will help you spot what’s actually a fee and what’s a scam. Here’s the list of charges one has to pay for a particular Amazon service-

All About Amazon Digital Services Charge
Amazon Digital Svcs Charges
  • An unidentified amazon.com fee of $0.99 is typically charged for any apps named Amazon Digital Download Charge.
  • For Prime Members, there’s a persisting $2.99 fee which is generally charged every month for the Kindle Spare time enrollment. It’s limited to one child per account.
  • For the Kindle Unlimited service, you have to pay Amazon Digital SVCS Charge 9.99 in U.S. dollars. This Kindle Services Charge will be deducted through your credit card or VISA after your free 7-day trial.
  • Amazon also has a $99 fee for all Amazon digital services commonly referred to as the Amazon Prime full-time membership plan.

Note- After your free trial period, this Amazon Prime goes directly activated for the year deducting $99 from your linked credit card.

  • For the Hulu program, an $8.75 Amazon Digital Services charge is deducted if you won’t turn off your free ongoing trial. 

That’s all about different Amazon Digital Services and their charges. Now, to polish everything we covered, we have listed our best picked FaQs below-

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Am I Being Charged For Amazon Digital Services?

If you haven’t turned off your subscription then you have to pay the monthly membership charges every month. If you didn’t activate any plan still getting charged for it then immediately move to the Membership and Subscription page on Amazon. 

  • How To Spot A Purchase Amazon Digit Seattle WA?

When you purchase Amazon Digit Seattle in Washington your Amazon Pay orders begin with ‘P01’. After these 3 digits, your Amazon Pay is followed by 14 digits.

AMZN Digital 888-802-3 is the most popular Amazon Digit Seattle WA service charge and is for Paramount after the 7-day trial period.

  • How Do I Stop Amazon Digital Services Charge?

To stop your Amazon Digital Services Charge you need to remove your subscribed Amazon Digital Service. For this, just follow these steps-

  • First, move to the Memberships and Subscriptions page on the Amazon website.
  • From the list search for the Manage Subscription option and then tap it.
  • Now, select the subscription using the Cancel button.

Note– It may ask for password verification, complete it.

  • Why Does Amazon Digital Keep Charging Me?

Amazon Digital Services have a business strategy where they first provide the service for free and then after a time period, it turns into a full paid membership plan. Your activated trial period needs a manual turn off to stop further charging.

  • How Do I Contact Amazon About An Unknown Charge?

To complain about any unknown charge from your credit card or VISA card you have two options. You can either contact the service team using their support email with proof of deduction or you can directly contact them on this toll-free number 866-216-1075.


Amazon Digital Service is free only for a given trial period and needs to be manually turned off. But sometimes there are few business services which anyhow get activated on your credit card and start deducting monthly charges.

Hope our guide helped you with everything related: What is amazon digital charge? How to check and turn it off?If you still feel any part unclear or have any queries left just drop it down in the comments section below.

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