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What is AnonymizerGadget?

What we hope to see is a gadget that can do it all.” anonymizer gadget

In this world full of gadgets, computers and artificial intelligence that run on various software, how many software names do you know? And their functions? 

Have you ever thought about what a free and useful looing software can cause you and at what cost? 

To be accurate, nothing is free in this world.

There are millions of famous not so famous, useful not so useful free and paid apps/software that we use unknowingly on a daily basis. 

You might have, and you might even know the names of a few programs, right?

Let’s upgrade you on one such software and help you understand the digital world a little more. 

Do you know what is anonymizergadget

Well, it’s not just any topic but has some importance because of a big reason.

But before discussing about if further, let’s have a look at our contents first.

What is anonymizergadget?
How to delete anonymizergadget?
How do i get rid of anonymizergadget?
Anonymizergadget should i remove it?
Anonymizergadget virus
Anonymizer launcher
How to uninstall anonymizergadget?

Anonymizer Gadget

The contents must have given away the fact that we are here to help you remove this gadget from your system. Read below to know why?

anonymizer gadget
anonymizer gadget

The Gadget’s Story

Before understanding how to remove or uninstall anonymizer gadget, you need to know why you are doing this and for that you need to know this software first.

So, here our easily understanding yet details enriched information on the anonymizergadget for you.

  • What is anonymizergadget?

The anonymizergadget or the anonymizergadget version 4 is a PUP or a potentially unwanted gadget. You usually don’t download this software. It gets installed by the free software that you download form the internet.

The usage of this program is to let you stay anonymous while you are online as it is advertise as a free proxy service.

So, basically, this software has the potential to alter your proxy and lets you have a safer online experience.

Sounds good, right? But this is not the whole story! There’s so much more about this program that you need to know which will help you in deciding whether to keep this software or not.

Am I at risk?

  • Anonymizergadget should I remove it?

We are not saying that the program is not safe or is not an ideal anti-virus software. We are just telling some important characteristics that you must know before downloading or using it.

The main problem that has been reported by the users of the anonymizergadget virus is its ads that are shown in the free version of the software.

Now you must be thinking what’s new in getting ads while using a free software? Well, the twist here is that the ads shown on this program are quite shady and questionable.

There are reports and researches which say that the advert support of this program has the ability to help hackers hack your PC.

Scary isn’t it?

We aren’t saying that every ad they show has the ability to do that, but most of them does. Specially when you are not careful enough to keep a check on everything.

Well, the quote ‘nothing is free in this world’ is quite factual.

Now, weather to delete this program or not depends upon you.

  • What is anonymizerlauncher exe?

You now know what is anonymizergadget, the anonymizerlauncher exe is is the extention on a filename that indicates an executable file.

This executable file or files in some or most of the cases, can harm your computer. If you are thinking that the anonymizergadget or the anonymizer launcher is a trojan in your computer, read below some ways that will help you in removing this program.

We know the first thought that hit your conscious was how do i get rid of anonymizergadget when you read about the security risk you have while using it.

Even if you haven’t thought about it yet, getting complete information about anonymizergadget removal will help you gain some more control over the program that can be required in the future.

Below is a step by step method to help you in doing so. Read carefully!

  • How to delete anonymizergadget?

Like we said, the first thing we do when our privacy or security is at risk is to eliminate the factor that is responsible for that.

Till now, did you ever thought that a program which is installed in your PC because you downloaded something can bring hacking risk to your computer?

Did you thought that a free software can actually cost you your personal details? You didn’t.

And similarly you never thought of removing a software that is an antivirus but now looks like a trojan to you.

Well life is uncertain my friend, and on that note, we are always here to help our readers and so here is a step by step method on how to uninstall anonymizergadget?

Read it carefully and write it down somewhere if you are not planning to perform an uninstall right now, so that you don’t have to look for the steps yet again. Here you go;

  1. Open the uninstall program window
  2. Look for the anonymizergadget in there
  3. Select the entry and then click on the uninstall button.
  4. After successfully deleting the program from your computer, don’t forget to scan your PC in case any unwanted or remaining components or infection from the anonymizergadget that was causing you questionable ads, is left.

You have to remove this malware infection from your PC because they can still pop those ads in your PC and will also take so much of the storage in your computer.

While your personal data’s security is the primary concern that can make you uninstall this app, the other reason that make you do so is the risk of these adds popping up at the wrong time in front of the wrong person.

Your image will be doubted and you will be unable to explain them what actually happened there, right?

No, reader! We are not at all forcing you to uninstall the program. That is completely a personal choice. We are just helping you in considering all the risks that you might have in future. 

Afterall, taking care and looking out for our readers is our prime concern.


We must doubly check before trusting any free thing blindly. Especially when it comes to software and programs. Because they have the ability to track you, hack you and even use your personal details for their benefit.

Well, not just that, but when you get informed about the security risk you are going through or privacy you are about to or you can compromise, don’t think twice before doing the needful and removing the source of risk from your system.If required, never hesitate to take help from the experts because using someone’s personal information is also a kind of cyber-crime.

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Shashank Jain, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc.


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