While searching for a good, efficient antivirus for your device, you might have discovered quite a few. An antivirus needs updating, maintenance, and settings for it to work effectively. If one of those days while cleaning your device from CCleaner, you noticed an unknown antivirus pop up on your screen called overseer.exe, this article is definitely for you to read. Further on, we will talk all about and help you get a better understanding of the overseer antivirus, and other likewise security software.


This file is essential for the Avast Overseer or AVG Overseer measure that has a place and holds a part with the AVAST Software SRO. Then again, Overseer.exe is not fundamental for the Windows working framework and causes moderately only a couple of issues. It is normally and explicitly in the folder relating to the installed antivirus. For instance: C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVAST Software\Overseer\. Moreover, its size normally doesn’t surpass two Megabytes.

Avast Overseer Windows 10

The program has a noticeable window and is virtually marked. Furthermore, it is anything but a Windows framework file. This cycle is begun consequently by the Windows Task Scheduler. Being an elemental file for an antivirus, it can screen applications and control different projects. So we can say avast overseer windows 10 is secure and legitimate.


As explained by an Avast support forum, it is software that helps to scan and fix any basic, technical issues in the products built by Avast. The significance is that it occasionally searches for regular issues in Avast programming and probably, attempts to fix them.

Remove Avast Overseer

Remove Avast Overseer
Remove Avast Overseer

As per feedbacks, it shows up on people’s devices while they install CCleaner, and alongside, accidentally, download the Avast PUP as well. However, many users do not know how to remove avast overseer, so that is what we will talk about further on, after discussing its safety.


The ability of Avast overseer to monitor web applications and manipulate other programs of your device through the Task Scheduler, at an unknown time and every day, is rated 15 percent dangerous, by the technical security. However, users’ experiences differ throughout, hence it is advisable to read users’ reviews and then decide whether or not you want to keep them. We have remarked that this is a real and not risky file. Indeed, it is listed amongst the most well-known antivirus applications and arrangements.

Nonetheless, some malware is disguised as overseer.exe to confound the client and contaminate the framework of the device. As a result, they usually add an extra letter or two, so that it goes unrecognized. In such cases, it is ideal to check the way where the document is stored. Although the overseer.exe file is 85% safe, multiple people do not like antivirus applications supervising their work and the internal memory of their device. It is taken the offensive, and hence they opt to delete it. So, if you are one of them, keep reading further.


Users reported that even after uninstalling the overseer, it did not get deleted after the final reboot. It was not seen in any start-up information. So, for knowing where exactly it lives and runs, users dug deeper and found out its location. It was found in, C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVAST Software\Overseer, and was discovered that it runs by the system’s Task Scheduler. So, to get completely rid of the overseer exe file, users had to delete the overseer task first, and then overseer.exe.

To delete the overseer task: click on the start option in the left-hand corner> type scheduler and click upon ‘Task Scheduler’ when it appears in search results> click the greater than sign in the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ to expand its existing contents> click on ‘Avast Software’> search for ‘Overseer’ in the middle pane> finally, double click or right-click and delete it. You will be asked to confirm your action, and click on delete, for it to be gone.

Removing overseer.exe file: locate C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVAST Software; in the windows file explorer> right click on the overseer folder and through the pop-menu, press onto the delete option. There on, the overseer will be completely gone from your device. Also, while deleting the overseer.exe, you might need to double confirm the UAC prompt, to act upon the administrative task.



Sadly, web overseer is real. It was declared so after an incident that proved its faultiness. It was an app that was initially advised to be downloaded into devices, for conveying embassy-related messages.

Overseer.Exe Malware

However, after deeper investigation, it was discovered that the overseer.exe malware gathered private information from the compromised devices, like personal contacts, account details, photographs, and other media, geo-locations, how many times the person was contacted by whomever, official email addresses, and other data of the device. After all this research, users who operated network abled devices were strictly advised to be extra careful with what applications they install into their devices, and if at any point they doubt its truthfulness, they should be deleted right away.


Just like the world and the characters of people living in it are full of doubts and danger at times; the internet, web, and its many applications are so complicated and diverse, that it is elemental to be extra careful with what you let in, in your devices and do thorough research about them before installing.

However, if at any point you miss a risking point before installing it, it is never too late to do the opposite. Do a quick research on how to do so, and get the junk out of your devices. We hope we could be your overseer. exe reddit and gave you some better insight about this antivirus.

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