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What to Look for in Your Dedicated Server Hosting Service Provider

As your business grows, so does your website and its traffic. This often makes it difficult to continue operating on a shared server. A shared server is used by many people and can prove to be inconvenient for an expanding business. This is always the point where you need to consider a dedicated server.

But how do you choose the right dedicated server provider?

If you have decided to switch to a dedicated server, there are several things you should keep in mind. This is because there are many dedicated server providers and not all of them offer quality services. According to Liquid Web, “Managed dedicated servers offer high performance and locked-down security for any website or application.” As such, you need to take time and scrutinize various providers and choose one that can offer the best server hosting.

Here are 5 things to look for in a dedicated server hosting service provider:

DDoS protection

For any dedicated server you buy nowadays, there should be standard DDoS protection. But the truth is that DDoS attacks have become more common on the web than ever before. This means your system will be subjected to constant attacks if you don’t have proper protection.

Such attacks can cause a great deal of downtime, tarnished reputation among customers, and loss of business revenue. But with DDoS being part of your dedicated server package, you will have greater protection and peace of mind.

Backups and data redundancy

When you buy a dedicated server, it is important to be sure that you can rely on it with regards to uptime as well as general security. That is why you need to look for a dedicated server that has a data center with in-built backups and redundancies for extra security.

You should, particularly, insist on options that offer a 100 percent uptime service level. This will guarantee that your data center is able to withstand any form of unimaginable disaster.

Data-backup -and- Redundancy

24/7 customer support

Sometimes it is difficult to know when something unexpected can happen. You can run into issues like a network error when you least expect it. The problem can even be worse when customers are waiting or when your business is very active. But with a 24/7 customer support service on standby, issues can be sorted out within the shortest time possible.

System administrator support

If you feel that managing your own dedicated server will consume most of your time, then the best option would be to find dedicated server management or managed dedicated hosting. This implies that you have system administrator support.

Customization options

Last but not least, as the needs of your business change, ensure that your dedicated server provider is also able to change as per your business needs. For example, would you want to pay for your server on a monthly basis or in advance? Are you able to change or upgrade your operating system when you want?

There are many companies that offer dedicated server hosting. As a business, you need to evaluate your needs and choose a provider that can comfortably fulfill those needs.

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