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Why Is My Xfinity Data Usage So High

Many circumstances could lead you to a situation where the overall Xfinity data can reach significantly high levels. The answer to your questions like why is my xfinity data usage so high lies in background running processes in your device. Downloading, uninterrupted streaming, and uploading video content are some common reasons behind high data usage.

Additionally, there are better chances that your system would be performing automatic cloud uploads or app updates running in the background. Whatever the issue may be, you need to resolve It quickly to save yourself from wasting your data. The first step to controlling data loss is to disable consumers quickly in large numbers.

Suppose you are unaware of such causes and preventive measures for avoiding high data usage on Xfinity. Then, you need to familiarize yourself with a complete overview of this situation. So, let’s take a deeper look here to find out more about this problem of high data usage on Xfinity.

Reasons Behind High Data Usage On Xfinity

why is my xfinity data usage so high.

For starters, the high data usage on Xfinity could be because your system is running automatic app updates in the background. If this is the case, you can change your update settings back to “auto-update only when connected to Wi-Fi” mode.

You can look for how to check Xfinity data usage and get the best results. However, this is not the only cause you could have for this problem. A few other processes might be slowly eating up your data. Some of these processes include:

1. Video Streaming

Streaming videos online is every smartphone user’s new favorite spare time activity. However, you will be surprised to see the total data usage associated with streaming videos online. If you are constantly scrolling down to your screen streaming videos, there are better chances of high data usage.

2. Hotspot Usage

If you have turned on the hotspot of your device, you will be sharing data with connected users rapidly. If you have more than one user connected to your hotspot, then you will be sharing more xfinity data usage by device.

3. Automatic App Updates

If your system downloads and updates apps automatically in the background, this could lead to higher than expected data usage on the Xfinity network. To avoid frequent automatic app updates on your system, you can change your settings to “Auto-update only when connected to Wi-Fi” mode.

4. Downloading & Uploading

Downloading and uploading files can consume huge amounts of data. If you download and upload files in large sizes, then the situation may get out of hand. However, if this is the case, you will need to consider other plans to ensure that your data usage is not excessive.

If you face higher data consumption, then there are better chances that your system is running unnecessary background processes. Since now you are familiar with higher data consumption, it’s time to troubleshoot this problem with some effective solutions.

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Best Working Methods To Lower & Relive Xfinity Data Usage

If you are wondering about How To Relieve Lower Xfinity Data Usage? Then there are a few things that you can try for yourself. For best results, it is recommended that you try all these options simultaneously and put them correctly under action. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of these effective tips to tackle data high Xfinity data consumption:

Stop Downloading Irrelevant Material

Many people download loads of useless files, applications, and data which is probably the answer to your queries like why is my xfinity data usage so high 2022? The process of downloading such unnecessary files consumes a huge chunk of data. For example, if you download an app that shows 200MB in size, it will take 200MB from your mobile data for downloading. However, you can always check and cancel any current downloading going on on your device by following these below-shared steps:

  • Go to Settings options on your device.
  • Now click on the Network tab and open the Mobile Data Usage option.
  • You will be displayed a graphical representation of data consumption by different activities on your smartphone. Here find the latest means of data usage on your device.
  • Once you are done, exit Settings and go through the Quick Menu, see here if you have any current downloading tasks in progress.
  • If you find any unnecessary downloading in progress, simply cancel it using the cross button.

It is recommended that you stop all unnecessary downloads, especially those large files and applications. If you need to download such large files, it is better to find Wi-Fi networks rather than using your cellular data.

Turn off The Auto-Updates Option

If you are regularly using your mobile data, it is always advised to turn off the option of auto-updates from the play store app. There are better chances that it will be downloading and updating applications automatically in the background and contribute to more Xfinity data usage by device. However, your smartphone also features an option to turn off this auto-update option. Here’s how you can disable auto-update from Play Store:

  • Open Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Now Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom, and you will find an option called “Consent screen” (If you don’t see it, then expand the menu at the top right).
  • Tap this, and you will be presented with a window where you have to give your consent for automatic app updates.
  • Once you launch this section, open the “Apps” tab and choose an option that says “Turn auto-update off.” Now tap on the toggle to disable auto-update from the Play Store

For iPhone users, the instructions are almost identical. This is because Play Store and App Store on iPhone have an almost similar method to disable the auto-update option. Additionally, you can get a special why is my Xfinity mobile data usage so high to keep track on your data limit.  

Stop Streaming Videos Online

why is my xfinity data usage so high.

Streaming videos on Netflix or other online video streaming sites is a great way to consume huge chunks from your xfinity unlimited data. If you are into this habit, it is better to find Wi-Fi networks when you want to watch videos. Follow these below shared steps to avoid losing data in streaming videos:

  • First, close every steaming app available on your device.
  • Next, go to the app data and clear it by cleaning the complete cache memory of these streaming apps on your device.
  • Hold the home button and start swiping left to clear tabs until all tabs are cleared-out.
  • Now proceed to clear the phone’s cache memory from the option in Setting.
  • Restart the cellular data, and you are all set.

This will stop your device from uploading and downloading videos, reducing overall data usage. However, not everyone has an unlimited data plan. If you want to do this, then make sure that you have a good data plan for using such services whenever needed.

Re-Eject The SIM Card

If you are using a device with a dedicated SIM card slot, then there are chances that your device will be showing unreal data usage stats due to network error. You just need to eject the SIM card and re-insert it in such a case. This will restore the network connection, and you will get genuine data usage stats and the answer to your questions like why is my xfinity mobile data usage so high. Here’s how you can eject the SIM card safely from your device:

  1. First, either turn on the Airplane mode or switch it off.
  2. Get a SIM ejector tool or needle/paperclip.
  3. Insert this SIM ejector tool to eject the SIM tray from the mobile.
  4. Now clean the SIM card using a cotton or microfiber cloth and return it.
  5. Re-insert the SIM tray and turn on your mobile and cellular data.

If there was some network error or problem with your SIM card, you could easily overcome it using this method. In addition, if you are offering your mobile hotspot to others from time to time, this may also be one of the reasons why your mobile data is getting consumed quickly.

Avoid Long Video Calls

Whenever you are planning to video call, do it with a person sitting in the same location as you. Don’t make long video calls with someone sitting in the other world. Everyone loves to stay in touch and make long conversations with friends and family, but it is not required.

If the other person is not present nearby you, just make a short video call and save your mobile data for other useful purposes. Also, whenever you are surfing the internet from your mobile, always try checking if you have an option to enable a Wi-Fi network and connect it to enable a faster data connection.

Final Words

Now that you have learned why is my internet usage so high all of a sudden and how to save your Xfinity data; you can now adopt all these strategies to avoid data drainage. These data-saving tips will help you immensely in reducing overall data usage. However, if you still have high Xfinity data usage, it is best to contact professionals from Xfinity to handle this for you.

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