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Get To Know Why Paypal Won’t Let Me Send Money? Read Out The Explanation Here!

Are you wondering why PayPal won’t let me send money? Well, before we head towards any further details, we should know more about PayPal. PayPal is one of the impressive ways to receive or send money across the world. It is offering users a wide range of payment options, and money transactions are easier with it. 

Recently we came across an issue where people are complaining about making payments on PayPal. They aren’t proficient in sending money or make any payment on multiple merchants’ websites. But don’t panic; it is one of the most common issues where PayPal won’t let me send money from a bank account. 

Usually, such issues occur if you are new to PayPal or just signed up as it requires more authentications on the website. With the help of PayPal, the users can experience the convenience regarding sending and receiving money within few clicks. 

Paypal won’t let me receive money to make sure that the users are making legit transactions and no further activities are involved. Check out the following details to know more: –

Why Won’t PayPal Let Me Send Money?

PayPal is the reliable platform where money transactions need to be legit. In this piece of writing, we will serve you with adequate information regarding removing errors to resolve the issues like PayPal isn’t letting me send money. 

Commonly, such reasons are relatable to your PayPal account verification and some other related issues to your bank account. There are multiple different ways to get your problems solved. Have a look at the following details to learn about the exquisite ways to fix this issue.

Attention users: if you have received a massive amount of money in your PayPal account or are doing frequent transactions, then in these cases, PayPal might freeze your account.

Don’t worry; you are restricted for few days, but it is advised to users to switch to a PayPal business account instead of using the personal account to make easy massive transactions. Otherwise, PayPal won’t let me send money from balance, so it is better to become a merchant there.

Why Won't PayPal Let Me Send Money
Why Won’t PayPal Let Me Send Money

Verification Of Email Address And Other Information 

The easy way to get your issue to solve is to verify the email address first by clicking on the verification link sent by authorities on your registered email address. The users need to add and confirm their mobile numerous by submitting the OPT sent on the registered Email ID.

In some cases, the people need to add other ID proofs as well in order to complete the verification process. The ID proofs here refers to Tax ID, Driving license, and multiple other Government ID proofs of the specific country.

The email or ID proof verification is mandatory other than PayPal won’t let me access my money. However, the users need to verify their bank account as well. It is an account that is present on their PayPal account; they need to go to their profile and then click on the bank accounts.

Here the users are going to see the bank accounts that are linked to their PayPal account. It will be beneficial for the users to make sure that their bank account is thoroughly verified and doesn’t require any additional verification.

To verify the bank account PayPal, the users need to make 2 deposits into their bank account, which can be less than a dollar. After that, they will see the confirmation regarding depositing, then you need to click on it, and bingo! Your account is verified.

The Account Is Limited

Paypal won’t let me send money to my debit card for the specific duration until the verification process is completed. Often, PayPal limits the accounts for days if the authorities detect any illegal or fraudulent transaction.

To check the existing limitation on your PayPal account, you need to go to the resolution center. It is present on the top menu bar and looks for any notifications regarding the limitation.

Contact PayPal Support

Are you willing to know why Paypal won’t let me send money credit card? Then you should contact PayPal support. If you are facing a bulk of issues and none of the resolving methods is helpful, you need to contact the customer care support provided by PayPal authorities.

The users can feel free to contact them by using the call or chat option available there. The developers enable the users to get a variety of modes of verification so that they can remain comfortable during the interaction. These are the experienced and trained executives that can help you out in different aspects.

Contact PayPal Support
Contact PayPal Support

Contact Your Bank Or Verify The Bank Balance 

It will be beneficial for the users to check their bank account to see if there’s enough money. Also, it would help if you verified that the bank hadn’t set any limitations to your account. Moreover, if you are a credit card use, make sure you haven’t exceeded the limit or check if it is expired.

It would help if you tried adding different credit or debit cards in order to perform the transactions. The users can feel free to switch between different cards while paying or performing transactions.

Pro-tip: – if you want to make smoother transactions on PayPal even after being a newbie, then you should prefer creating a merchant account there. It can help you get favorable outcomes, and you can keep yourself on the safer side while availing yourself of remarkable benefits.

The Final Words 

From the details elaborated above, we can easily conclude that PayPal is the perfect mode of performing financial transactions. But there are some issues with newbies on PayPal as the authorities keep track of them; if they notice anything odd, then high chances your account can freeze.


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