Hogwarts Legacy: Does Anne Die? Exploring The Rumors

Rumors surrounding the fate of Anne, a character in “Hogwarts Legacy,” have sparked intrigue and speculation among fans of the highly anticipated game. As players eagerly await the release of this immersive RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, questions arise about the potential death of Anne and its implications for the game’s storyline.

In this exploration, we delve into the rumors surrounding Anne’s fate, examining the evidence and speculation to uncover the truth behind this mysterious character’s destiny. Join us as we unravel the secrets of “Hogwarts Legacy” and uncover the truth about Anne’s ultimate fate.

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Hogwarts Legacy – Anne Sallow

Here in this part of this article, you will learn about Anne Sallow’s curse in the game Hogwarts Legacy and will find the answer to the question does Anne Sallow die? So, let us find the answer together. The quest line of Sebastian Sallow is probably the most interesting quest in the game Hogwarts Legacy. To complete the quest line, you need to enter the library’s Restricted Section and learn about the curse.

Then you have to learn the dark Arts to cure it. And here you will learn about the Unforgivable Spells. In the quest named In the Shadow of Time, Sebastian uses an unforgivable curse Imperio to save Anne from a goblin. This made their uncle Rookwood angry and he banished them from his house. When you reach the quest named In the Shadow of the Relic, you will see that Sebastian tries Dark Arts to cure his sister.

It will be called the Inferi. And after defeating them, you will have to confront Solomon Rookwood. Sebastian will use Avada Kedavra on his uncle Rookwood, and a rift between Anne and Sebastian will start. After this, you can both turn Sebastian in or out. If you turn him in, then he will go to Azkaban. If you choose to do the latter, then he will live in Hogwarts. But Anne has to live with the curse. This is all about Anne Sallow’s Hogwarts Legacy cure.

Hogwarts Legacy Hides A Key Factor In Anne Being Cursed

There is a key factor in the story of Hogwarts Legacy: Anne’s cure. Ranrok’s Loyalists wielded a Dark Magic curse, with which Anne got inflicted. The curse is considered arbitrary either way as it is a plot device that is used to render Sebastian tormented and malicious by Anne’s illness.

You cannot blame Percival Rackham as he was not aware that Isidora would have empathy for Ancient Magic. And the story of them justifies this logic, too.

Can You Save Anne In Hogwarts Legacy?

To progress in the game, you will meet Sebastian Sallow, whose sister Anne has a curse. You will join Sebastian to cure Anne. here you will enter the library’s Restricted Section, where you will learn about Unforgivable Spells. Finally, after so many things, you will have to defeat Inferi, and then you will have to confront Rookwood, Sebastian, and Anne’s uncle.

Here Sebastian will use Avada Kedavra on his uncle. Whether he will continue in Hogwarts or go to Azkaban will depend on you. But whatever happens, Anne has to live with her curse. This is the relation between Hogwarts Legacy’s Anne and Azkaban.

The Final Words

Anne does not die in the game Hogwarts Legacy, but you will have to enter the library’s Restricted Section, learn about the Unforgivable Spells, fight against Inferi and Anne and Sebastian’s uncle Solomon Rookwood, and when Sebastian will use the Avada Kedavra on his uncle, you have to decide whether you will turn him in or out. But whatever you do, Anne will have to live with her curse.

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